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Gordon Fulks, PhD. Comments At AFP’s “Its About Jobs” Rally

The Merchants of Fears Attack of the Primary Energy Source in America: COAL  July 24, 2012 Gordon J. Fulks, PhD Physics University of Chicago  The title of my remarks today is “The Merchants of Fear attack the primary energy source in America: COAL.” They are addressed to this crowd and to President Obama who is [...]


Today in Portland: Grassroots to Rally During Obama Visit

July 24, 2012

PORTLAND, OR – Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s leading advocate for economic freedom, will rally citizens today at 11 AM in downtown Portland as President Obama visits Oregon. The message to the President is clear: Oregon needs more jobs, not more empty promises. “President Obama promised an ‘all of the above’ energy policy, but continues [...]

Mr. President Can Run, But He Can’t Hide: AFP Still Holds Rally In Portland

July 21, 2012

Obama may be running scared, but we aren’t. Americans for Prosperity is still planning on holding our rally when the President comes to Portland on Tuesday, July 24th in the South Park Blocks, but it will be in two stages. We will meet in the South Park Blocks between SW Columbia and SW Clay and [...]

AFP- Oregon to Hold Protest Rally, Mr. President

July 21, 2012

As you may have heard, President Barack Obama will be visiting Portland, this Tuesday, July 24th. AFP-OR would like to welcome him by telling him IT’S TIME TO PUT AMERICA BACK TO WORK! Oregon can no longer allow government to pick our economic winners and losers. So, we will be highlighting the potential creation of [...]

Oregon’s Economy is Strenghtened by Repeal of the Estate Tax

March 12, 2012 J

The American Family Business Foundation (AFBF) today released a dynamic report on the economic impact of repealing Oregon’s estate tax. Following the release, Dick Patten, President of the American Family Business Foundation, stated: “There’s a new fairness movement arising across America. After Ohio’s estate tax repeal and recent actions by Indiana’s legislature to repeal their inheritance tax, Oregon is the next State aiming to give family businesses a fair shake at growth by eliminating its death tax. We’re proud to release this critical report that highlights the benefits of eliminating a tax that on hampers economic growth and public revenue for Oregon.”

Making An Impact: Citizen Watchdog Training

December 23, 2011 J

You’ve heard of egregious examples of waste, fraud, and abuse in Oregon and in all levels of government. It seems as though there is a scandal lurking around every capital corner.

But how can we hold our elected officials accountable? It’s up to you and I to become citizen watchdogs.

Come to a Citizen Watchdog training session in Salem, and learn how to identify inconsistencies and half-truths in government, and expose them for the lies they are.

Please join AFPF-Oregon, Oregon Capital Watch, and Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity on Jan. 31-Feb. 1 at the Keizer Renaissance Inn for an in-depth training on how to be an effective citizen watchdog. Click here to register.

For only $25 per person, you will learn:
-How to become an information activist
-How to use investigative reporting tools and skills
-How to impact the local government budgeting process

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