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Gordon Fulks, PhD. Comments At AFP’s “Its About Jobs” Rally

The Merchants of Fears Attack of the Primary Energy Source in America: COAL  July 24, 2012 Gordon J. Fulks, PhD Physics University of Chicago  The title of my remarks today is “The Merchants of Fear attack the primary energy source in America: COAL.” They are addressed to this crowd and to President Obama who is [...]


Oregon Study: Medicaid ‘Had No Significant Effect’ On Health Outcomes vs. Being Uninsured

May 09, 2013

Forbes magazine has posted a very interesting study on the health outcomes of Medicaid expansion in Oregon.  The study showed there is no statistical proof that health outcomes improve with government provided Medicaid.  Read the article here. http://www.forbes.com/sites/theapothecary/2013/05/02/oregon-study-medicaid-had-no-significant-effect-on-health-outcomes-vs-being-uninsured/ Like this post? Chip in $5 to AFP.

Oregon Needs Significant PERS Reform

March 29, 2013

Oregon Legislators, Americans For Prosperity – Oregon is greatly concerned with the Oregon Legislature’s lack of willingness to broach true PERS reform that is so desperately needed throughout Oregon. Not only is the State of Oregon budget being greatly impacted, but multiple local governments and school districts are in need of reforms in order to [...]

JOIN AFP and the Oregon Citizens Lobby

February 01, 2013

The 2013 legislative session will begin on February 4th. Oregon Citizens Lobby will be conducting an onsite War Room (like the old broadcast news service) at the Oregon Legislature in Room 350 or if indicated with * we will be meeting in 167A every Thursday from 9am to 3pm (hours may vary depending on hearing [...]

Oregon Citizens Lobby Training

January 18, 2013

Oregon Citizens Lobby Training and War Room dates for the 2013 Oregon Legislative Session: The 2013 legislative session will begin on February 4th.  Between now and then, we will be training and organizing our members in preparation for the session.  We hope that you will take the time to consider how you might contribute to [...]

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