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Americans for Prosperity Ohio Supports Alerts to Business Taxpayers on “Over Payments”

December 03, 2013 J,

COLUMBUS – Americans for Prosperity-Ohio is announcing their support for legislation aimed at addressing a recent issue regarding business tax over payments in the state. A recent Inspector General’s report revealed that the Department of Taxation was negligent in returning $31 million in overpaid business taxes. Additionally, there was a policy in place of not [...]

Americans for Prosperity: Ohio Can Do Better than Middle of the Pack

December 02, 2013 J,

COLUMBUS – Americans for Prosperity-Ohio is commenting today on the continued need to reform the state’s business tax climate to encourage job creation and economic growth.  The comments come as a result of the recently released State Tax Cut Roundup of the 2013 Legislative Session by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). “The Governor and [...]

Americans for Prosperity: Healthcare.gov site still on life support

December 02, 2013 J,

COLUMBUS – Americans for Prosperity-Ohio is commenting today on continuing issues that plague the healthcare.gov website and the roll-out of ObamaCare. “Despite repeated shutdowns and delays, the ObamaCare website and program are still not healthy,” said Eli Miller, Americans for Prosperity Ohio State Director.  “According to experts cited in a recent Los Angeles Times article [...]

Americans for Prosperity Ohio: More Ohio Families Should Be Getting Ahead Rather Than Just Getting By

November 14, 2013 J,

COLUMBUS – Americans for Prosperity Ohio is commenting on President Obama’s visit to the state today.  The President is scheduled to visit the ArcelorMittal steel mill in Cleveland today and provide remarks on the economy. “As the October unemployment numbers demonstrated, for far too many Americans, 59 months of unemployment above 7 percent has made [...]