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Americans for Prosperity Ohio: ObamaCare is a Job Killer – Cleveland Clinic is the latest casualty

September 19, 2013 J,

COLUMBUS – Americans for Prosperity Ohio is responding to reports that the Cleveland Clinic may be forced to cut Ohio jobs due to the implementation of ObamaCare. “ObamaCare was sold to Ohioans as a means to make health care more affordable and more accessible,” said Eli Miller, Americans for Prosperity Ohio State Director.  “Now we [...]

Americans for Prosperity Ohio: All Ohioans Should be Exempt from ObamaCare

September 11, 2013 J,

COLUMBUS – Americans for Prosperity Ohio today is pointing out the continual cloud of uncertainty and confusion surrounding the implementation of ObamaCare.  The group is citing recent announcements and pending decisions by Krogers and Trader Joe’s as evidence that the President’s health care law is failing and as such is calling for all Ohioans to [...]