AFP Hammers Lawmakers for Corporate Welfare with New Radio Ad

March 25, 2015

Ad opposing film incentives directs listeners to RALEIGH – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is hammering lawmakers for proposed film tax incentives with a new radio ad. AFP has been a long-time critic of taxpayer handouts which benefit specific industries and companies at the expense of others. Click here to listen to AFP’s new radio ad. “North Carolina legislators […]

AFP Supports N.C. Senate Tax Cut

March 18, 2015

Proposal a “significant retreat” on incentives RALEIGH – Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina’s leading advocate for economic freedom – responded Wednesday to a state senate proposal that cuts the corporate tax rate and limits the impending expansion of taxpayer incentives for economic development. The senate plan cuts the corporate tax rate by 2% over […]

Renewable Energy Mandate Kills Jobs, Wages in North Carolina

March 17, 2015

Costs approach $3,800 per household RALEIGH – Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina’s leading advocate for economic freedom – responded Tuesday to research finding the state’s renewable energy mandate “will raise electricity prices significantly across all sectors.” Conducted by Strata Policy in conjunction with Utah State University’s Institute of Political Economy, the study of North […]

Bryson: ‘The health care CON in North Carolina’

March 08, 2015

Published in the Raleigh News & Observer – March 6, 2015 ‘North Carolina’s Certificate of Need law is antiquated’ Good news: The number of students attending North Carolina’s medical schools reached a new high of 2,129 enrollees for the 2014-15 school year. Bad news: When these men and women become doctors, state government may prevent […]

AFP: Shame on House for Increasing Corporate Welfare

March 06, 2015

HB 177 increases taxpayer handouts to businesses by $15 million RALEIGH – Americans for Prosperity wasted no time today calling out representatives who voted for House Bill 177 on second reading today, which increases the state’s corporate welfare slush funds by $15 million. The bill, which passed 87-32, renames and increases funding for the Job Development Investment Grants (JDIG). […]