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AFP Launches Wind PTC Ads on Rep. Mark Amodei

November 13, 2014 J,

Ads to put grassroots pressure on members to oppose more tax dollars for wind subsidies. Las Vegas, Nev. — Americans for Prosperity, Nevada’s leading grassroots advocate for economic freedom, is launching a new media effort designed to persuade Rep. Mark Amodei (NV-2) to oppose spending any more money on the Wind Production Tax Credit (Wind PTC). The ads […]

AFP Opposes Corporate Welfare for Tesla

September 08, 2014

Las Vegas – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) Nevada, the state’s leading grassroots advocate against cronyism and corporate welfare, today joined the voices of criticism of the $1.25 billion tax incentive project for Tesla to build a factory in Reno.  AFP pointed out that Tesla was already planning to come to Nevada and that the loan […]