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Shaking Up Transportation in NE

September 12, 2014 J

Uber and Lyft, and other ride sharing platforms, have shaken up the world of transportation in the United States and around the world. Both companies have recently moved into Nebraska and have had push back from traditional taxi companies. The Transportation and Telecommunications Committee held a hearing yesterday on the evolving world of transportation and […]

Obama’s War on Common Sense

September 12, 2014 J,

The Obama Administration is raging war on common sense and Nebraska is ground zero. Today the Lincoln Journal Star reported on a letter the Obama EPA sent to the Nebraska Department of Agriculture critical of the department for holding a state-level planning meeting regarding water quality. Obama was apparently upset because his federal regulatory agency, […]

Report Finds ObamaCare will Cause 19% Premium Increases

September 05, 2014 J

AFP-Nebraska Reacts to New Findings LINCOLN – Nebraska’s largest insurer has found that health insurance rates will be higher next year thanks to the Affordable Care Act. The study by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska found that most people buying policies individually will see major rate increases. The group also found that several factors […]

What You Need to Know for Today’s KXL Hearing

September 05, 2014 J

Today the Nebraska Supreme Court will hear oral arguments for Thompson v. Heineman, i.e. the KXL case. NET News wrote a very informative piece on Wednesday about five things to know going into the hearing. Be sure to tune in to the hearing! Like this post? Chip in $5 to AFP.