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New AFP Ad: Time to Fire Bruce Braley

October 15, 2014

Online Ad Hits Rep. Braley for Voting 69% with President Obama DES MOINES – Americans for Prosperity has released a hard-hitting ad calling on Iowans to fire Rep. Braley for blindly voting with President Obama against their interests. AFP’s new ad focuses on Rep. Braley’s 69% voting record with President Obama and support for policies such as ObamaCare and higher […]

New AFP Video: Obama’s Policies Are On the Ballot with Bruce Braley

October 09, 2014

Iowans Should Vote Against Rep. Braley and Obama’s Policies this November IOWA CITY – Americans for Prosperity today released a new web video juxtaposing clips of Rep. Bruce Braley claiming that President Obama is not on the ballot, with President Obama admitting that his policies are on the ballot. Americans for Prosperity highlights Rep. Braley’s […]

ICYMI: Washington Post Article on AFP-Iowa Field Program

October 07, 2014 J

AFP Volunteers “reached 80,000 likely voters through door knocking” DES MOINES – Americans for Prosperity’s Iowa field operation today was featured in a front page article in the Washington Post. The article noted the success of the program and compared it to the left’s community organizing operation. Read the full article here. AFP, which is […]

AFP-Iowa Holds Rep. Braley Accountable with Digital Ad Buy

September 25, 2014

Is He Looking Out for Iowa or Washington Special Interests? DES MOINES – Americans for Prosperity today launched a substantial six figure ad buy in four states, including Iowa, to hold US Senators and Representatives accountable for supporting harmful policies like ObamaCare. The ads support AFP’s on-going grassroots activism and call for constituents to contact their elected […]

AFP: Bruce Braley Is Running Out of ACA Excuses In Iowa

September 08, 2014

Obamacare Premium Increases Expected To Be Among Highest in U.S. DES MOINES – Americans for Prosperity today asked Congressman Bruce Braley how he will respond to newly released facts about the premium increases that Iowans will face due to the Affordable Care Act. A new study commissioned by Price Waterhouse Cooper’s Health Research Institute (HIR) […]