Legislative Alerts

Florida, Keep Your Money!

May 22, 2015J

Let’s talk for a minute about tax cuts.   Tax cuts, unfortunately, seem to be the furthest thing from legislators’ minds as they prepare to enter into a Special Session in just over a week’s time.  But for all the heated debate and conversation surrounding other policy issues, the tax cut package they will be considering […]

Stories from the States: Frank Underwood Fleeces Maryland Taxpayers

April 14, 2015J

Welcome back to our guest post week featuring Stories from the States: Film Incentives!  Today’s post comes to us from Marc Kilmer, a Senior Fellow at the Maryland Public Policy Institute.  Maryland’s film incentive story, as related by Marc, shows how film incentive money generally ends up concentrating into just a few hands.  We’ve seen […]

Take Action to Uphold Conservative Values in Florida

March 12, 2015

In Florida, when we elect someone to represent us, we expect them to uphold the values that we believe in and on which they campaigned– things like reforming schools, fixing our looming debt and pension problems, and standing up for smarter, more efficient government that doesn’t waste your tax dollars. Some State Senators have voted […]