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AFP-Florida Releases Video Warning of SACE Agenda, Energy Mandates

Florida deserves affordable, abundant energy, not more mandates and taxes, says director Hudson. TALLAHASSEE — In a new video released today, Americans for Prosperity-Florida is warning the public about the rate- and tax-hiking agenda of groups like the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy. “The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy thinks you don’t pay enough money to […]


Slade O’Brien: Florida needs to focus its attention on pension reform

July 09, 2012

The following guest column appeared in Saturday’s Orlando Sentinel: In Boca Raton, citizen activists are shining a light on pension and pay plans for members of the city’s firefighter union. With payments to firefighters on an unsustainable path, these citizens are pressuring city leaders to take action. Officials are getting the message: Boca Raton Mayor […]

AFP Florida Announces 1.2 Million TV Ad

June 29, 2012

BOCA RATON, FL – Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s largest advocate for economic freedom with over 100,000 members in the Sunshine State, today announced a significant new TV ad in Florida, totaling over $1.2 million. This ad, titled “Not a Tax,” is in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling on President Obama’s health care law […]

Groups Reiterate Need for Citizens and Cat Fund Reforms

June 25, 2012

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Tallahassee – Following the release of a three-part series of commentaries by Sen. Garrett Richter, R-Naples, and Rep. Bryan Nelson, R-Apopka, the legislative leaders, who are working to educate the legislature and public on the need to reform the state-run Citizens Property Insurance Corp. and Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund, authored an […]

New Ad Highlights Sen. Nelson’s Destructive Policies

June 22, 2012

BOCA RATON, FL – Today Americans for Prosperity-Florida (AFP-Florida), the nation’s largest advocate for economic freedom with over 100,000 members in the Sunshine State, announced a statewide TV buy highlighting Senator Nelson’s destructive economic policies that are hurting citizens across Florida. “Senator Nelson has been doing President Obama’s bidding for years, drafting and voting for […]

Sanchez: Nothing ‘shadowy’ about it: Group exposes government waste

May 31, 2012

As a grass-roots activist, I derive a certain amount of pleasure when I see political strategists and columnists falling all over themselves while responding to one television commercial. The Obama campaign and a certain L.A. Times writer have recently gone to great lengths to convince America that there’s a boogeyman behind the scenes. I can […]