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Americans for Prosperity Urges Spending Restraint in Budget Debate

March 27, 2014

Urging legislators to protect and comply with the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights Dustin Zvonek, State Director of Americans for Prosperity Colorado, released the following statement today in conjunction with the start of the annual budget debate at the Colorado Legislature: “While it might be a long-shot to expect much spending restraint from the majority this […]

Colorado Mountain College Faculty the Latest Victims of ObamaCare

March 26, 2014

How will Udall Help the Professors Who are Losing Hours Due to ObamaCare? PARKER – Americans for Prosperity is asking how Senator Udall is going to help the faculty at Colorado Mountain College whose hours have been cut due to ObamaCare. The Aspen Daily News reported today that “CMC has joined many community colleges across the country by capping part-time teaching […]


March 18, 2014

Parker – Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) has supported – and advocated for – Obamacare as a beneficial tool for Colorado’s businesses and their employees.  But now, the law is proving to be a burden to Colorado businesses and hurting the very people Sen. Udall claimed it would help. Dustin Zvonek, spokesman for Americans for Prosperity […]

Udall’s Backing of Obamacare the Focus of AFP-CO Ad Blitz

March 17, 2014 J

Major Air Buy Features Hard-Hitting Ad Explains ObamaCare is about People, Not Politics DENVER – Americans for Prosperity – Colorado today announced a major new TV ad buy putting pressure on Senator Mark Udall to pay attention to the impact of ObamaCare on Coloradans. The TV ad features a woman listing the undisputed facts about […]

Please Return to Earth, and Colorado, Mark Udall

March 10, 2014

Climate “Alarmathon” Shows Senator is Out of Touch with Real-World Colorado DENVER – Dustin Zvonek, who leads Colorado’s largest grassroots free-market group, today chided Colorado Sen. Mark Udall for participating in tonight’s U.S. Senate climate change “all-nighter,” while common-sense Coloradans back home are confronting more earthly concerns, like where to get a job, how to […]