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Will Udall Respond to Workers Hit by ObamaCare?

April 28, 2014

Americans for Prosperity Highlights Another Example of Health Care Law’s Impact PARKER – Americans for Prosperity is asking Senator Udall to explain how he is going to help the employees of a Denver-based company that is likely to cancel their health insurance benefits. A recent Denver Post article highlights the employees of Centennial Container who […]

New Poll Finds Economy, Jobs, at Top of Coloradan’s Minds

April 24, 2014

         Americans for Prosperity asks Senator why he Continues to Block Keystone XL PARKER – By a plurality, the top issue on Coloradans minds is the economy and jobs, according to today’s Quinnipiac poll. Yet Senator Udall continues to oppose the Keystone pipeline, a project that will create 20,000 jobs. That’s just one example, according to Americans for Prosperity – Colorado. “Fighting […]

AFP-Colorado Responds to Quinnipiac’s Senate Race Poll

April 24, 2014

Clear that Coloradans Are Concerned with Jobs, HealthCare PARKER – Americans for Prosperity – Colorado responded today to a Quinnipiac University poll finding that 59 percent of Colorado voters oppose ObamaCare. A report in the Denver Post drew attention to the poll top-lines. “Today’s report shows that Coloradans continue to be deeply concerned with ObamaCare and Senator […]

New Americans for Prosperity Ad Holds Mark Udall Accountable for ObamaCare

April 23, 2014

Highlights the 335,000 Coloradans Facing Cancelled Policies and Soaring Premiums DENVER – At a press conference on the steps of the state capitol Americans for Prosperity – Colorado released a new TV ad holding Senator Mark Udall accountable for his vote for ObamaCare. The ad builds on AFP’s ongoing grassroots efforts to put pressure on Senator […]

AFP Hosts Press Briefing with Sen. Cadman, AFP President Tim Phillips

April 22, 2014 J

Introducing New TV Ad Holding Senator Udall Accountable for ObamaCare PARKER – This Wednesday Americans for Prosperity – Colorado will hold a press conference on the west steps of the state capitol with AFP President Tim Phillips, Senate Minority Leader Bill Cadman, and Carol Perry, a Coloradan whose health insurance premiums have spiked due to ObamaCare. The presser […]