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AFP-Arkansas Responds to vote on Medicaid Expansion

April 19, 2013 J

Little Rock, AR – In a move that will add tens of thousands of Arkansans to an already broken system, AFP-Arkansas believes the affirmative vote on the private option expansion of Medicaid in the state could become a cautionary tale. AFP-Arkansas Director Jason Cline said, “While we’re glad that legislators acknowledged the concerns that we […]

AFP Foundation to host Reduced Gas Events

April 04, 2013 J

Our sister organization, AFP Foundation here in Arkansas is hosting three reduced price gas events April 9-12 in Batesville, Paragould, and Fort Smith! AFP Foundation will provide up to 15 gallons of gasoline at the 2009 average cost of $1.84 per gallon for the first 75 customers. Right now, the American economy is limping through […]

AFP-Arkansas Opposes Medicaid Private Option Expansion

April 03, 2013 J

LITTLE ROCK – After three and a half years of issue education on the President’s Health Care Law, AFP-Arkansas announced its opposition to the proposed Arkansas Private Option Medicaid Expansion. “As an organization that advocates for the states to be the innovators of reform, AFP has waited as legislators worked to try and change a […]

Americans for Prosperity Thanks Pryor for Voting to Keep Sequester

March 04, 2013 J

Both Senators Stood for Fiscal Responsibility, Pryor Rejected Partisanship LITTLE ROCK, AR – In response to news that Senators Mark Pryor and John Boozman voted against the Democrat plan to replace the sequester which goes into effect today, Americans for Prosperity – Arkansas issued a note thanking the Senators, in particular Mark Pryor, for listening […]

AFP Releases 112th Congress Scorecard, Pryor Receives a “D”

February 21, 2013 J,

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, February 20, 2013 Contact: Teresa Oelke at TOelke@AFPHQ.org AFP Releases 112th Congress Scorecard, Pryor Receives a “D” AFP ranks Members of Congress on their votes of defending economic freedom LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas—Americans for Prosperity-Arkansas (AFP-AR), the state’s premier free market grassroots organization committed to smaller government and economic freedom, today released its […]