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Will New Year be a New Dawn for Alaska Educational Freedom?

January 11, 2014 J

by Joe Balyeat, CPA   “There is no respect in which inhabitants of a low-income neighborhood are so disadvantaged as in the kind of schooling they can get for their children.” (Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman)   Milton Friedman was devoted to freedom – his belief that human free choices and free markets unfettered by […]

Despite A 2011 Promise, Congress Passes On Cutting Spending

January 06, 2014 J

December 19, 2013: By Thomas Fletcher Yesterday (December 18, 2013) the Senate followed the House of Representatives in passing the misguided budget deal that congressional Budget Chairs Patty Murray and Paul Ryan recently released. It follows the old playbook of spend now and cut later, the latter of which very rarely happens. Instead of keeping the promises they made to their constituents on spending control, Senators joined […]

Special Interest Tax Breaks Highlight Problems In Federal Tax Code

December 16, 2013 J

By Wesley Coopersmith In his influential book The Rise and Decline of Nations, Yale University economist Mancur Olson explores the reasons why once-prosperous countries fall into economic stagnation and ultimately collapse. Journalist Jonathan Rauch built upon Olson’s theory, explaining that wealthy countries decline when their society ceases creative production and instead turns to government lobbying and rent-seeking. When […]

The Economic Follies of Extending Unemployment Insurance

December 13, 2013 J

By Casey Given In an interesting twist to Congress’ ongoing budget negotiations for the 2014 fiscal year, President Obama called on Capitol Hill last Saturday to extend federal unemployment insurance (UI) benefits set to expire January 1st. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi went so far as to call for no budget deal without unemployment benefits at one […]