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State Senate majority plans to pick up where it left off last session

December 13, 2013 J

The state Senate majority caucus congratulated itself Tuesday for surviving a year and vowed to pursue legislation that did not pass last session, including changes to K-12 education and workers compensation. The Senate Majority Coalition Caucus was born a year ago when Democratic Sens. Rodney Tom, of Medina, and Tim Sheldon, of Potlatch, announced they’d caucus with [...]

Senate Majority Coalition: Bipartisanship is working

December 13, 2013 J

Washington’s Senate Majority Coalition held a press conference Tuesday to celebrate the first anniversary of its own existence, which the group’s leaders hailed as a breakthrough in bipartisanship. While the Its leaders talked in some detail about the coalition’s highlights from the past year, the news emerging from that discussion was that the Republican-dominated coalition and [...]

Tax breaks and the power of inertia

December 13, 2013 J

In a vote that illustrates a continuing dilemma for state politicians, a legislative committee on Wednesday saved a tax break for dentists — the only recommendation to get rid of a tax exemption put before it on Wednesday. The actual issue is minor. The tax break is for insurance premiums for dentists, and its elimination would have provided [...]

Senate majority coalition plans to focus on reforms to education, workers’ comp

December 13, 2013 J,

The Senate Majority Coalition Caucus called a press conference on the one-year anniversary of its creation, saying they have outlasted skeptics and plan to move forward with an agenda that includes reforms to basic education and workers’ compensation. Last year, Democratic Senators Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon announced they were joining with 23 Republicans to form a new coalition [...]

No Empty Promises

December 10, 2013

The new budget agreement in Congress is another trillion-dollar backdoor deal that will increase government spending. If passed, this new increase will break Congress’ prior promise to cap spending at $967 billion, which was in the bipartisan supported Budget Control Act, or BCA. Government spending is out of control. The risky fiscal policies of our [...]

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