New Virginia Coalition Urges Kroger, Target, Other U.S. Retailers to Denounce Greenpeace to Protect Local Jobs

December 15, 2011J

“Coalition to Protect Virginia Jobs” warns of state economic fallout from capitulating to activist demands, closing local paper company

RICHMOND, VA—The Coalition to Protect Virginia Jobs, a new project committed to safeguarding local businesses and workers against unfounded attacks by out-of-state activist groups like Greenpeace, was officially launched today.

Comprised of leading local organizations including Americans for Prosperity Virginia and the Virginia Federation of Tea Party Patriots, members of CPVJ have united to pursue a shared goal: staving off job loss and other economic fallout by preventing retailers—ranging from Costco to Kroger—from capitulating to extremist demands issued by groups such as Greenpeace.

Rep. Goodlatte Joins Commonwealth Officials In Jobs Fight Against Greenpeace

November 21, 2011J

Elected officials’ support escalates for Mercury Paper’s contribution to Virginia jobs

Americans for Prosperity – Virginia (AFP-VA) is applauding Representative Bob Goodlatte (R-VA-6) for being the latest elected official to take a stand against Greenpeace’s vicious attempts to destroy jobs in the Commonwealth. In a letter to the CEOs of Costco, Food Lion, Kmart, Kroger, Sam’s Club, Safeway, Target and Wal-Mart, Rep. Goodlatte called on the businesses to resist a Greenpeace-led smear campaign to stop the retailers from buying goods from the Mercury Paper Company, a business that has recently invested $21 million in Strasburg, VA.

Obama’s Politics Trump Commonsense Energy Policy on Pipeline Delay

November 14, 2011J

By James Valvo

Once again President Obama has used extra-congressional powers to block America’s access to affordable, dependable sources of energy. Amid his administration’s dizzying array of EPA regulatory rewrites and his green energy political favoritism toward Solyndra, the president just announced that he will delay final approval of the Keystone oil pipeline from Canada that would have transported the product to Gulf Coast refiners. This delay will push the final decision until after the November 2012 elections.

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AFP-VA Applauds Lt. Governor Bolling for Standing Up for Virginia Jobs in the Face of Greenpeace Threats

November 02, 2011J

Greenpeace attacks prompt strong defense of Virginia employer from Lt. Governor Bill Bolling

Americans for Prosperity – Virginia applauds the leadership of Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling following his letter to national retailers to support a Virginian paper company in the face of a smear campaign by Greenpeace. The letter, which was sent to the CEOs of Costco, Food Lion, Kmart, Kroger, Sam’s Club, Safeway, Target and Wal-Mart called on the retailers to reject Greenpeace’s attacks and to show support for their customers and suppliers by standing with Mercury Paper, the company targeted in the smear campaign. Lieutenant Governor Bolling’s action joins the nearly 500 Virginians who have recently sent letters to the CEO’s urging the retailers to denounce Greenpeace’s threats and to stand by Mercury Paper.

Tell Washington No More Energy Taxes!

October 31, 2011J

[img_assist|nid=25328|title=AFP Energy Bus|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=300|height=154]Tired of limousine liberals using your tax money for their ‘green’ energy projects that never work?

If you agree with us that energy prices do not have to be so high, if we would only:

•Explore domestic energy production
•Build pipelines to transport oil from Montana and Canada rather than the volatile Middle East
•Stop energy tax hikes, with similar intent as cap-and-trade, that benefit companies like Solyndra
•Expand refinement capacity here in America

Join Americans for Prosperity and American Energy Alliance for our Energy for America Tour as we make stops in Virginia.

Stop by and sign the bus or visit our activist hub and take action today!