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Tell Washington to Cut Spending Now!

October 17, 2011 J

Americans have tightened their belts, so should Washington!

For decades, Washington has continued to borrow and spend at a pace that is not sustainable. Washington is borrowing nearly 40 cents of every dollar we spend and the US debt is now the same size as our entire economy.

You and I understand that our families could not survive borrowing at the same rate, but Washington continues to use the same budgeting gimmicks and accounting tricks to hide our financial crisis.

That’s why Americans for Prosperity-Virginia is pleased to announce our Cut Spending Now! Tour, which will be rolling through Roanoke and Fredericksburg on Tuesday, October 25, 2011.

Roanoke Event

Who: Hard-working, concerned citizens such as YOURSELF!
What: Cut Spending Now Tour rally and lunch
Where: Fallon Park, Roanoke – 2150 Dale Avenue (Elm Ave turns into Dale, park on left)
When: Tuesday, October 25th at 12 noon

Tell Sen. Roscoe Reynolds To Stop Supporting Higher Taxes and Opposing Energy Independence

October 14, 2011 J

Sen. Roscoe Reynolds (20th District) has served in the Virginia General Assembly – either in the House of Delegates or the Senate – since Ronald Reagan was president. In that time, Sen. Reynolds has embraced fiscal policies harmful to Virginia families, employers and taxpayers in general.

In addition to supporting the largest tax increase in Virginia history in 2004, Reynolds advocated or voted for a variety of anti-taxpayer and job-killing policies, including:

* Raising income taxes on senior citizens
* Raising the tax on gasoline
* Raising sales taxes paid by employers
* Raising the statewide sales tax and allowing localities to do the same
* Raising vehicle registration fees
* Implementing an Internet sales tax
* Diverting sales tax revenue to fund a baseball stadium in Richmond
*Opposing elimination of the death tax

Sen. Reynolds took all of these positions despite having signed the taxpayer protection pledge sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform.

AFP-VA Denounces Greenpeace Campaign Against American People, Virginia’s Families

October 13, 2011 J

Free-Market Group Condemns Greenpeace’s Campaign Against Mercury Paper - Wal-Mart and Kmart Urged Not to Cave to Greenpeace

Americans for Prosperity – Virginia (AFP-VA) today blasted Greenpeace USA for its relentless attacks against Virginia families and jobs in its campaign to shutter Mercury Paper and blackmail their partner companies from buying Paseo towels and bath tissue. Working with its partners in the White House and the Democrats on the Capitol Hill, Greenpeace is waging a war against low-cost household products made by hard working Virginians. Most importantly, however, is the Greenpeace and other environmentalists campaign to kill American jobs at a time when further job losses can be least afforded in the U.S. In fact, the Greenpeace action directly threatens more than 150 jobs in Virginia alone.

Tell Sen. Edd Houck To Stop Supporting Higher Taxes and Opposing Energy Independence

October 12, 2011 J

Over the past 28 years, Sen. Edd Houck (17th District) has supported a number of tax increases that have hurt Virginia’s working families. In addition to supporting the largest tax increase in Virginia history in 2004, Houck advocated or voted for a variety of anti-taxpayer policies, including:

* Gasoline Tax Increase
* Higher Sales Taxes Paid by Businesses
* Internet Sales Tax
* State and Local Sales Tax Increase
* Dedication of Sales Tax Revenue for a Richmond Baseball Stadium
* Titling Tax for Vehicles

Sen. Houck has also been an opponent of Virginia’s efforts to achieve energy independence and explore for our own natural resources at home:

* Houck voted against even studying lifting the ban on mining uranium in Virginia, despite the presence of what is believed to be the largest deposit in the nation in Southside Virginia. The extraction of the uranium would bring jobs and commerce to Virginia and supply fuel for electricity generation.

NOVEMBER IS COMING … Sen. John Edwards: Against Virginia Energy Independence

September 27, 2011 J

As Virginia and the rest of the nation continue to struggle with financial uncertainty, one of the continuing drags on the economy is the consistently high price of energy. Increased fuels costs impact nearly every sector of the marketplace, from the price of filling up your gas tank to buying a loaf of bread at your local supermarket.

While the Obama Administration has declared nearly all-out war on the varied fuel industries, with the rare exceptions of suspect solar and wind power concerns, there are a few areas where there appears to be hope. As Virginia anticipates the sale of leases to explore for energy off its Atlantic coast, the legislature has already moved to put in place a mechanism to use the expected royalties responsibly.