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CUCCINELLI Talks Better Health Through Consumer Choice

December 06, 2011 J


Congress should ready market-based replacement for Obamacare

As one of a number of attorneys general challenging the federal health care law, I am cautiously optimistic that the Supreme Court will strike down the law and its requirement that every citizen buy government-approved health insurance. Congress clearly has the power to regulate commerce, but using that power to force individuals into commerce goes too far. If the federal government crosses that line, it will have unlimited power to order citizens to buy virtually anything in the name of the “public good.” That is why I have said that Virginia’s lawsuit against the federal health care law is about liberty, not health care.

AFP-VA Stands with Richmond Tea Party

November 30, 2011 J

Denounces unfair treatment of conservatives by Mayor Jones

RICHMOND - Americans for Prosperity – Virginia (AFP-VA) today stands beside their economic freedom allies at the Richmond Tea Party, who have been singled out for an audit after requesting fair treatment by the city. The Richmond Tea Party audit appears to be nothing more than retaliation for the conservative group seeking refunds of some $10,000 spent on rally permits and fees, arguing that Occupy Richmond activists have not been charged anything for their similar activities.

Why the Super Committee Deadlock Is a Victory, Not a Failure

November 22, 2011 J

By Phil Kerpin

Vice President for Policy
Americans for Prosperity

It now appears the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (the “Super Committee”) will deadlock, resulting in automatic spending cuts of $1.2 trillion over the next 10 years. Some are decrying this as a failure; I’m celebrating it as a victory. Clearly, much more must be done to cut federal spending and avert a fiscal crisis. But real spending cuts were never on the table. What was on the table was a disastrous tax hike that would have undermined our economic recovery and given Washington politicians even more money to spend, undermining the goal of cutting spending.

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AFP-VA Introduces New State Director Audrey Berkshire Jackson

November 22, 2011 J

Thanks to conservative activists like you, Virginia has earned a reputation for keeping taxes low, creating jobs, and preventing the worst federal regulations from crossing the Potomac. Nonetheless, our work is not done. The new year will bring new challenges and opportunities to advance conservative principles and make Virginia even stronger

That is why we are excited to announce Audrey Berkshire Jackson as the new state director of the Americans for Prosperity – Virginia chapter.

Audrey will be working hard to give you a voice in Washington DC, Richmond, and your local government. She will lead AFP – VA’s on key issues concerning our economic freedom and prosperity.