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Why the Super Committee Deadlock Is a Victory, Not a Failure

November 22, 2011 J

By Phil Kerpin

Vice President for Policy
Americans for Prosperity

It now appears the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (the “Super Committee”) will deadlock, resulting in automatic spending cuts of $1.2 trillion over the next 10 years. Some are decrying this as a failure; I’m celebrating it as a victory. Clearly, much more must be done to cut federal spending and avert a fiscal crisis. But real spending cuts were never on the table. What was on the table was a disastrous tax hike that would have undermined our economic recovery and given Washington politicians even more money to spend, undermining the goal of cutting spending.

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AFP-VA Introduces New State Director Audrey Berkshire Jackson

November 22, 2011 J

Thanks to conservative activists like you, Virginia has earned a reputation for keeping taxes low, creating jobs, and preventing the worst federal regulations from crossing the Potomac. Nonetheless, our work is not done. The new year will bring new challenges and opportunities to advance conservative principles and make Virginia even stronger

That is why we are excited to announce Audrey Berkshire Jackson as the new state director of the Americans for Prosperity – Virginia chapter.

Audrey will be working hard to give you a voice in Washington DC, Richmond, and your local government. She will lead AFP – VA’s on key issues concerning our economic freedom and prosperity.

Rep. Goodlatte Joins Commonwealth Officials In Jobs Fight Against Greenpeace

November 21, 2011 J

Elected officials’ support escalates for Mercury Paper’s contribution to Virginia jobs

Americans for Prosperity – Virginia (AFP-VA) is applauding Representative Bob Goodlatte (R-VA-6) for being the latest elected official to take a stand against Greenpeace’s vicious attempts to destroy jobs in the Commonwealth. In a letter to the CEOs of Costco, Food Lion, Kmart, Kroger, Sam's Club, Safeway, Target and Wal-Mart, Rep. Goodlatte called on the businesses to resist a Greenpeace-led smear campaign to stop the retailers from buying goods from the Mercury Paper Company, a business that has recently invested $21 million in Strasburg, VA.

Obama’s Politics Trump Commonsense Energy Policy on Pipeline Delay

November 14, 2011 J

By James Valvo

Once again President Obama has used extra-congressional powers to block America’s access to affordable, dependable sources of energy. Amid his administration’s dizzying array of EPA regulatory rewrites and his green energy political favoritism toward Solyndra, the president just announced that he will delay final approval of the Keystone oil pipeline from Canada that would have transported the product to Gulf Coast refiners. This delay will push the final decision until after the November 2012 elections.

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AFP-VA Statement Regarding Virginia’s Exclusion from 5-Year Offshore Plan

November 08, 2011 J

The Obama Administration today released the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Five-Year Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Development Plan, but did not see fit to include Virginia in the proposal. Virginia officials have long sought to be able to explore for oil and natural gas off the Atlantic coast, a position with which Americans for Prosperity-Virginia wholeheartedly agrees.

AFP-Virginia state director Trixie Averill today issued the following statement:

“This proves once again that President Obama does not care a lick about job creation in Virginia or efforts to achieve energy independence. After playing keep-away with Virginia’s desire for oil and gas exploration rights over many months, he has now finally turned his back on the possibility of millions of dollars in private investment and the creation of thousands of jobs in the Commonwealth.

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