AFP Participates in School Finance Lawsuit in Texas

August 25, 2015

AFP Participates in School Finance Lawsuit in Texas: Not More Money for Education, but More Education for our Money Starting September 1, the Texas Supreme Court is hearing a case that could impact the over 5 million students in Texas K-12 schools, as well as the more than 650,000 employees.  And AFP is weighing in.  […]

The Case for Property Tax Reform in Texas

August 17, 2015

During the recent 2015 Texas legislative session, Sen. Paul Bettencourt introduced property tax reform legislation. Bob Martin is a taxpayer advocate. He has long fought for property taxpayers in San Antonio. His latest email explains precisely why we need property tax reform in Texas. Yet while we fought for rollback reform, taking the current 8% […]

Secretary of Education Supports School Choice IF Parents Can Afford To Pay For It

July 14, 2015

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan was taken to task by the Wall Street Journal yesterday for deciding to send his kids to a pricy private school in Chicago, where he formerly ran the school system. We at AFP want parents to choose their child’s school.  But we want all parents to have that ability, not […]

AFP breaks the bank!

June 30, 2015

AFP-Texas thanks Congressman Jeb Hensarling for his leadership in allowing Export Import Bank to expire.  Taxpayers should not be footing the bill for capital cronyism. Ronald Reagan would be so proud!

AFP-Texas: ObamaCare Costs, Chaos Still Hurting Texans

June 25, 2015

Group plans to continue pressing for patient-centered reforms. AUSTIN — Americans for Prosperity-Texas released the following statement on the heels of the Supreme Court’s holding in King v. Burwell: “Court cases have come and gone over the past five years, but one constant remains: Texans are still suffering under the burdensome regulations and mandates of ObamaCare. […]