AFP-Texas Supports HB 3654: Testimony by Peggy Venable

House Investments and Financial Services Committee Meeting April 15, 2015 Testimony by Peggy Venable on behalf of Americans for Prosperity-Texas In Support of HB 3654 Americans for Prosperity-Texas is pleased to support HB 3654 and we thank Rep. Jim Murphy for sponsoring this legislation. We appreciate your leadership in helping taxpayers have greater access to information […]

Legislation Protecting Property Taxpayers

February 27, 2015J,

Owning a home is realization of the American Dream. But that dream quickly turns into a nightmare as homeowners are being taxed out of their homes, due in large part to rising appraisals. Some individuals have paid off their mortgages, only to find that their property taxes are several times over what their mortgage payments […]

Indictments raise new suspicions on Dallas DA Watkins’ actions, motives

November 28, 2012J

For a while now, we’ve heard the occasional drips of concern about Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins, especially about where his campaign funds have come from and where they’ve gone.  While the drizzle had been infrequent enough to largely ignore, the time may have come for us to take notice and fix the problem […]

Debate highlights need for property taxpayer protections

July 19, 2012J

At the recent (July 17) U.S. Senate debate between Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz the issue of runaway property taxes came up. Dewhurst and Cruz debated whether the Texas Senate had indeed cut school property taxes by one-third. This blog does not take sides in elections, but the two candidates raised some very […]