AFP-Texas Supports Broad School Choice Legislation

February 27, 2015J

Texans have overwhelmingly shown support for parents directing their children’s education. Today in Texas, parents with financial means have choices. They move to a school district they favor, or they homeschool, or in addition to their school property taxes they pay private school tuition. Schools should not dictate where we live.   And the parents who […]

Governor Abbott Advocates For Students, Not Status Quo

February 17, 2015J

Gov. Greg Abbott’s remarks on school choice deserve highlighting.  In his first State of the State address on Feb 17, 2015, Gov. Abbott eloquently stated why parents should select their children’s schools. We at Americans for Prosperity-Texas agree with Gov. Abbott that the ultimate in local control rests with the parents.  Here is that excerpt […]


January 28, 2015J

Texans will celebrate school choice and call on legislators to provide parents with educational choices at an event Friday at 10 am on the South Steps of the Texas Capitol.  To join the rally and for more information, go to: Last Friday, nearly 2,000 students and parents packed Jacksonville’s Florida Theatre to start the largest-ever […]

With Lt Gov Dan Patrick, it IS a new day in Texas!

January 21, 2015J

In his inaugural speech, Lt Gov Patrick spoke eloquently at the Capitol today about a number of subjects including school choice.  Here are exerts from his speech: “First I want to talk about education. Yesterday the nation celebrated Martin Luther King Day. On August 28, 1963, Reverend King gave one of the greatest speeches in […]