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ObamaCare Premium Rates Rising: Tennesseans Paying the Price

With ObamaCare rates on the rise anyone who signed up under the “Affordable”Care Act can brace for a premium rate increase ranging from 7.5%-22% next year. The Tennessean reported: As a result, BlueCross said, consumers will experience rate increases between 6.1 and 21.7 percent, depending on the product they have bought. It’s difficult to nail [...]


Repeal the Hall Income TAX

March 19, 2014 J

Americans for Prosperity has joined forces with Americans for Tax Reform, the Beacon Center, Senator Mark Green, and Representative Charles Sargent forming a plan to eliminate the Hall Income Tax.  SB 1427 by Green/ HB 1367 by Sargent Beginning  January 1, 2015, annually reduces the rate of the Hall Income Tax by one percent in fiscal year 2015-2016, and [...]

Lawmakers say NO to Federal Over-reach in the Classrooms

March 14, 2014 J

This week, House Republicans voted overwhelmingly to pass legislation protecting Tennessee educational values in schools across the state.  The bill, which passed the House 81-9 and with strong bipartisan support, is the first piece of legislation passed this year to address issues raised with Common Core and student data collection privacy concerns. A number of [...]

President’s Budget: Groundhog Day, Again

March 10, 2014 J

By Thomas Fletcher In an exercise that is beginning to look reminiscent of the Bill Murray classic Groundhog Day, President Obama released his fiscal year 2015 budget plan this week. Like each of the President’s five preceding budget blueprints, this year’s edition is short on meaningful reform — piling up deficits and adding to our [...]

AFP Supported Stop ObamaCare Act Powers Through Senate 23-6

March 06, 2014

NASHVILLE — AFP applauded the passage of the Stop ObamaCare Act on Thursday, which sailed through the Senate on a 23-6 vote.  Senator Brain Kelsey’s legislation will prevent the further expansion of ObamaCare in Tennessee. Other states have fallen into the trap of “free federal funny money” only to have disastrous results when implementing ObamaCare [...]

Ending the Lobby Against Children

February 27, 2014 J,

Taxpayers have been outraged to hear their hard-earned tax dollars are being used to lobby against their children’s best interest. Legislation introduced this year will allow oversight of education budgets by providing a line item for lobbying expenditures. Officials will need to show just cause for spending thousands outside the classroom when it is desperately [...]