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By Eric Peterson As Congress begins to wind down, the debate over whether to extend the life of the taxpayer-backed Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) is continuing to heat up as its September 30th expiration date approaches.  Much has been written over the costs and shortcomings of the beleaguered bank as well as its corporate welfare aspects. In [...]


AFP-Tennessee Statewide Radio Campaign Opposing Natural Gas Subsidies

August 31, 2011

Americans for Prosperity-Tennessee opposes corporate welfare. We believe in free markets, low taxes and limited spending. Pending legislation in Congress violates these principles, and that is why we at AFP-Tennessee have launched a statewide radio ad campaign to raise awareness on the issue and mobilize our grassroots activists to take action.


Here's a letter we sent to Tennessee's Representatives and Senators, please considering contacting their offices and tell them you oppose government intervention in the energy markets.

Do you agree? Sign our Petition by clicking here.

Dear Members of the Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce Committees,

AFP Statement on Debt Limit Deal

August 01, 2011

It is a tremendous victory for free market activists that, for the first time in history, the debate over raising the debt limit became a debate over cutting spending. For that, we should be heartened that our efforts are truly making a difference. But we must continue to fight, because this deal is simply inadequate to the size of the fiscal challenge our country faces.

Ratings agencies have consistently called for at least $4 trillion in cuts to avoid a downgrade -- and rated the Boehner and Reid bills on which the final deal was based as inadequate for putting the country on a sound fiscal footing. This deal includes only $0.9 trillion in guaranteed cuts and in a best case scenario envisions an additional $1.5 trillion in cuts. And these are Washington cuts, not real cuts; they merely reduce the expected rate of increase in spending, while the federal government will continue to grow.

AFP Opposed to Both the Boehner and Reid Plans to Increase the Debt Ceiling

July 26, 2011

The following letter was sent to all of Tennessee's Members of Congress:

Dear Member of Congress,

Runaway spending has buried the United States in debt, causing us to hit our statutory debt ceiling at $14.3 trillion. For months, lawmakers have been debating whether we should raise that debt ceiling and how to get the government’s finances in order. There is only one plan that will solve America’s debt crisis: Cut, Cap and Balance. No other plan will avoid the looming credit rating downgrade that the rating houses have indicated will occur unless we dramatically cut our deficit. The Boehner plan will not do it, and the Reid plan will not do it.

AFP-TN Applauds Sen. Corker’s ‘Line in the Sand’ on Debt Ceiling

April 19, 2011

Tennesseans ‘celebrated’ Tax Day last week by attending taxpayer rallies across the state to send a clear message: we are fed up with the spending in Washington, D.C.

[img_assist|nid=23412|title=AFP spoke at Tax Day Rally in Kingsport|desc=|link=none|align=center|width=300|height=163]

Traveling across the state I hear the same message; people are concerned for the next generation and the impact our crushing debt will have on their children’s ability to succeed.