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URGENT – Seniors Deserve Tax Relief

Please contact these key votes on the SB 1427 and ask them to REPEAL the Hall Tax. Call or email now! Hall Income Tax Repeal Vote is TODAY. Gerald McCormick 615-741-2548 Rep.gerald.mccormick@Capitol.tn.gov   Michael Harrison 615-741-7480 Rep.mike.harrison@capitol.tn.gov   Steve McDaniel 615-741-0750 Rep.steve.mcdaniel@capitol.tn.gov   Dennis Roach 615-741-2534 Rep.dennis.roach@capitol.tn.gov   Kevin Brooks 615-741-1350 Rep.kevin.brooks@capitol.tn.gov   David Hawk 615-741-7482 Rep.david.hawk@capitol.tn.gov   [...]


68% Oppose Mayor Dean’s Tax Increase

June 13, 2012 J

68%. That’s the percentage of Nashvillians who oppose Mayor Dean’s 13% property tax increase. If you agree with the majority of your neighbors that Nashville metro government needs to cut spending and hold the line on taxes; then join our movement by signing our petition. Nashvillians know the truth; that Metro government has increased spending too rapidly and taxpayers [...]

Stop a New Tax in Tennessee

April 02, 2012 J

They’re at it again.

Politicians just can’t help themselves from wanting more of your money to fund more government spending.

Help us fight against a new tax on business right here in Tennessee.

Click here to tell your state Representative and state Senator you oppose any new taxes in Tennessee.

There are two bills in the state General Assembly, SB 2663 and its companion in the House, HB 3319, that would seek to create a new tax on internet-based services.

Why the Death Tax is bad for business, families, and the people of Tennessee

March 07, 2012

This year, Tennessee has the opportunity to follow the lead of Indiana and repeal its inheritance tax, a “double tax” on hardworking American families.

Death and inheritance taxes are owed to the government by the recipients of an inheritance. If the payee lacks the necessary funds, they are often forced to sell property or business in order to pay the tax.

The result? This tax devastates small businesses and farmers, many of whom are forced to sell part of their business or farm just to afford the tax. This also has a real impact on jobs and growth: former Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin estimates that the current death tax has destroyed over 850,000 jobs.

Why Repealing the Death Tax Matters to Tennessee Farmers – From the Beacon Center of Tennessee

March 07, 2012

Great Write-up from the Beacon Center of Tennessee:

The Beacon Center of Tennessee today released a publication telling the stories of two Tennessee farmers who could be harmed by the state’s onerous death tax. The publication, titled Splitting the Farm, shows how the death tax damages the state’s economy and could put many family farms out of business.

Roger Blackwood’s mother deserted him when he was just 10, and three years later he ran away from his abusive, alcoholic father. For months, he was homeless on the streets of Nashville until he was taken in and taught to read. He went on to start dozens of businesses despite suffering from dyslexia, and 48 years ago, he purchased a farm in Robertson County. While Roger loves to farm, he is afraid that when he passes away, his children will have to sell of major portions of the land just to pay the state death tax.

AFP Releases Mid-term Congressional Scorecard

January 17, 2012

Americans for Prosperity (AFP), with over 25,000 members in Tennessee, released its congressional key vote scorecard summarizing how Members of Congress voted on the most important economic issues in the first session of the 112th Congress.

The scorecard included critical votes on such issues as the repeal of President Obama’s new health care law, preempting EPA’s purported authority to regulate greenhouse gases, Chairman Paul Ryan’s budget framework, ending ethanol subsidies, several Congressional Review Act resolutions of disapproval to overturn new regulations and the fiscal year 2012 appropriations bills.

Click here to view the 112th Congress mid-term key vote scorecard.

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