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URGENT – Seniors Deserve Tax Relief

Please contact these key votes on the SB 1427 and ask them to REPEAL the Hall Tax. Call or email now! Hall Income Tax Repeal Vote is TODAY. Gerald McCormick 615-741-2548 Rep.gerald.mccormick@Capitol.tn.gov   Michael Harrison 615-741-7480 Rep.mike.harrison@capitol.tn.gov   Steve McDaniel 615-741-0750 Rep.steve.mcdaniel@capitol.tn.gov   Dennis Roach 615-741-2534 Rep.dennis.roach@capitol.tn.gov   Kevin Brooks 615-741-1350 Rep.kevin.brooks@capitol.tn.gov   David Hawk 615-741-7482 Rep.david.hawk@capitol.tn.gov   [...]


FAA Deal: Obama Cannot Unilaterally Fund Pork

August 05, 2011

AFP VP Policy Phil Kerpen issued the following statement on the reported FAA deal:

Senate Democrats shut down the FAA to block a House-passed long-term extension over special interest union provisions. They blocked a short-term extension to protect egregious pork-barrel spending for rural airports with almost no passengers under the Essential Air Service.

Now, a "deal" has been announced under which the Senate will pass the House's short-term extension, but the president will somehow keep the pork dollars flowing, in plain violation of what the law says and the basic constitutional principle of separation of powers.

Senate Democrats and a Budget — Still Missing In Action Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2011/08/02/senate-democrats-

August 03, 2011

Senate Democrats have failed to pass a budget for 825 days and counting, violating the 1974 Budget Act that requires an annual budget.
Now, thanks to the provisions of the debt ceiling deal, they can get away with extending their irresponsibility streak through the next election and into 2013. Senate Democrats will now go fully four years without passing a budget.

Every single Senate Democrat voted against President Obama’s budget, and every single Senate Democrat voted against the House-passed budget authored by Rep. Paul Ryan. They refuse to support any of the plans on the table, and they refuse to tell the American people what they stand for. It is the ultimate in political cowardice – in a tough situation, attack everything and stand for nothing.

FREE EVENT: Economic Liberty Under Attack in Nashville

August 02, 2011

You are Invited to a FREE Town Hall and Dinner:

Economic Liberty Under Attack in Nashville
Wednesday, August 10 | 6pm-8pm
Hampton Inn & Suites Nashville Downtown
310 4th Avenue South

Do you think the government should be able to restrict your right to earn an honest living, just to protect a group of politically favored insiders from having to compete with you?

Unfortunately, that is exactly what the City of Nashville is doing.

Nashville is forcing sedan and independent limo services to charge a minimum price to protect politically connected companies from having to compete with more affordable alternatives. Anti-competitive, protectionist laws like these hurt entrepreneurs—especially those on the first rung of the economic ladder—and customers, by driving up prices and driving down quality.

New TV Ad: President Obama’s Failure to Lead

July 29, 2011

Since President Obama took office the national debt is up 35% and unemployment is up 18%, yet he opposes real reforms that would get spending under control and our economy moving again. It is time to lead. Tell President Obama to put America's needs ahead of partisan politics by clicking here.

Cross Your Fingers: Labor Union Looking to Find Waste in State Government

July 27, 2011

Here’s hoping the Tennessee State Employees Association can make good on its promise to find waste in state government. TSEA announced it will conduct a three month review to identify inefficiencies and promote effective use to taxpayer dollars.

Public employee unions and government efficiency are not necessarily mutually exclusive. We hope this TSEA project is good-intentioned and produces results.

While AFP-Tennessee was strongly supportive of removing collective bargaining privileges from teacher unions, we agree with TSEA that government have become too large, too inefficient and too expensive. Come December, we look forward to studying the proposals the union puts together, and sincerely are optimistic there will be significant, worthwhile proposals that have good governance at its core.

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