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“Driving to the Dream” Tennessee Bus Package

Join your fellow Tennessee freedom fighters in Dallas next month for the Defending the American Dream Summit. We have limited bus space departing from locations throughout the state – ride along with us! The Defending the American Dream Summit brings together AFP activists from all over the country and features prominent speakers and panelists. Among [...]


AFP responds to President Obama’s jobs speech before Congress

September 09, 2011

In response to President Obama’s speech before Congress, the free market grassroots group Americans for Prosperity (AFP) released the following statement.

AFP President Tim Phillips:

Tonight President Obama finally admitted how poorly the economy is performing three years into his presidency. Unfortunately, he proceeded to double-down on the same failed policies that made this recession even worse.

Americans have seen this before and they know the president's path leads to more job losses, more budget deficits and more malaise. The president’s full-throated call for more government to get us out of this recession tells us all we need to know about his proposal. Tonight we heard a speech where the president talks more about government action than freeing up private sector action. That's backward.

Rising City Pension Costs Plague Knoxville

September 08, 2011

The City of Knoxville is staring at rising pension costs that could be as high as $30 million in just eight years.

The biggest problems with the above statement is we do not know what the pension cost will be in 2019. Because Knoxville, like most local and state governments, operates its pension as a defined-benefit plan it is impossible to know what the actual costs to taxpayers will be.

Should the stock market tank more than it has recently, should health care costs keep skyrocketing, should government employees keep receiving raises that are unheard of in the private sector during a deep recession (read our blog on Knoxville’s extra-generous compensation here), and it’s possible the city’s pension liability will grow well beyond $30 million.

Don’t Fall for Ozone Distraction

September 06, 2011

By Phil Kerpen
Vice President, Policy, Americans for Prosperity

The disastrous EPA proposal for unreasonably low ozone standards would have destroyed over seven million jobs and ground industrial activity to a halt. Nearly the whole country would have been out of attainment.

Obama said that he would pause the regulations “at this time.” He went on to explain: “Work is already underway to update a 2006 review of the science that will result in the reconsideration of the ozone standard in 2013.” In other words, Obama still plans to pursue this disastrous regulation, but not until after the next election.

Most likely, that was always the plan. The out-of-cycle ozone reproposal never made much sense from a political or practical standpoint, given the weak economy, the impending election, and regularly-scheduled review in 2013.

Supporting a Moratorium on New Government Regulations

September 01, 2011

Government regulation – according to a government study! – is costing the American economy over $1.7 trillion (trillion with a t) in lost productivity and added expenses.

The Small Business Administration’s report (which you can read here) estimates that regulation costs to the typical American family are 50% greater than health care costs. The over $15,000 in regulatory costs appear in the form of lost wages, higher taxes, higher unemployment, higher costs for goods and services and lower productivity.

Our economy can no longer absorb these burgeoning regulatory costs that force families and small businesses to invest more time, money and energy in paperwork and the bureaucratic process, instead of investing in children’s education, paying off the mortgage, or expanding the business.

We must change the culture of government!

Legal Defense Costs Way More in Knox County

August 22, 2011

The Knox News-Sentinel has a great report on the ballooning costs for legal defense in Knox County that finds questionable costs and irresponsible use of taxpayer money.

While only 7% of the state calls Knox County home, the paper’s report reveals the county consumes 17% of the state’s budget for indigent defense. By comparison; Davidson, Hamilton and Shelby counties all use .4 to 11.5% less than Knox. With 12 attorneys charging at least $100,000 last year to defend Knox County’s poor – more than any county in the state – Knox County’s defense attorneys are being paid handsomely.