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AFP Will Hold Rally to Announce Opposition to 17% Sales Tax Hike

Greenville – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) South Carolina will host a rally with activists, elected officials and community leaders tomorrow to announce the organization’s opposition to the 17% local option sales tax hike.  The tax hike has potentially devastating effects Greenville County’s economy.  Undoubtedly, the 17% tax hike will increase the cost of living and […]


AFP Releases First Radio Ad – “Because The Truth Matters”

October 20, 2014 J

GREENVILLE – Today Americans for Prosperity launched its first radio advertisement titled “Because The Truth Matters.” The ad features Katina, a Greenville native and mother of 3 boys that is voting “NO” on the sales tax hike ballot question in November. Katina touches on her lack of trust and the misleading campaign being run by […]

Tax Hike Proponents Confuse Greenville Citizens…Again

October 15, 2014 J

GREENVILLE – The politicians and lobbyists pushing for a sales tax hike in Greenville County can’t get their story straight and are confusing the public again.  This time it is the amount of taxpayer money they’d like to spend.  The ordinance clearly states the sales tax hike will cost citizens over $673 million.  Last week, […]

AFP Activists to Provide Testimony at Tax Hike Public Hearing

October 14, 2014 J

AFP Activists to Provide Testimony at Tax Hike Public Hearing GREENVILLE – Americans for Prosperity will attend tonight’s sales tax hike public hearing hosted by the Greenville County Voter Registration and Election Board. Activists will provide testimony in an attempt to counter the misleading campaign being run by the politicians and lobbyists who want to […]

AFP Asks County Council to Correct Record on Sales Tax Hike

October 08, 2014 J

Citizens confused by false claim that groceries are exempt GREENVILLE – Americans for Prosperity is asking the Greenville County Council to correct the false information that is misleading citizens about the sales tax hike ordinance. At last night’s Greenville County Council meeting AFP state director Dave Schwartz asked the council if it would be willing […]

Proponents of tax hike running misleading campaign

October 07, 2014

 Fine Print of Sales Tax Ordinance Shows that Groceries WILL Be Taxed GREENVILLE – Yesterday Americans for Prosperity released information about the fine print of the sales tax hike ordinance. Today, they are blowing the lid off an even bigger mistake: Groceries and unprepared food WILL be subject to tax if the ballot question is […]