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Senate Subcommittee to Hold Hearing on School Choice

This coming Thursday, a special Senate Subcommittee will hold a hearing to determine public support for school choice in South Carolina. Earlier this year, the Senate determined to put off voting on comprehensive school choice legislation until they had the opportunity to determine public support for parental choice in education. A special subcommittee was appointed [...]


AFP-SC’s “The Cartel” Viewing Party

January 31, 2011 J

As a parent, do you think you should be able to choose the best school for your child? Do you think your child should be forced to attend an underperforming school based on your address?

AFP-SC hosted a very informative viewing of "The Cartel" on January 29th. "The Cartel exposes the corruption, waste, and intimidation" in America's public schools. After the film, we were honored to hear from two experts in the area of School Reform/School Choice: Bruno Behrend, Director of the Center for School Reform at The Heartland Institute and Bruce Gardner with Tea for Education.


January 20, 2011 J

Greenville – The South Carolina chapter of the free market grassroots group Americans for Prosperity (AFP-SC) is proud to present the South Carolina federal delegation’s score on its Key Vote Scorecard. The group rated the top free market votes from the 111th Congress in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House. AFP also included the No Climate Tax pledge in its scorecard for the first time, indicating the importance of AFP’s opposition to using the climate change issue as a pretense to grow government.

AFP-SC’s “The Cartel” Viewing Party

January 18, 2011 J

American 15-year-olds rank 35th out of 57 countries in math and literacy, behind almost all industrialized nations! I don’t believe America should be 35th in anything. It’s time to restore America’s Exceptionalism!

Join Americans for Prosperity for a viewing party of The Cartel for National School Choice Week (January 23 – 29). The Cartel is an award-winning documentary about corruption in public education and the promise of school choice. VIEW the movie trailer!

The Cartel
Saturday, Jan 29 at 10:00 AM
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites
1036 Woodruff Road

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