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Upper Makefield Property Rights Prevail!

August 23, 2012 J

Last night in the Upper Makefield Township building, in a standing room only crowd, the concerned citizens of Upper Makefield joined together to protect their property rights from the Delaware and Lehigh Scenic Byway project.  Together in a collective voice they told the township supervisors to rescind the resolution supporting this project. As a number [...]

Upper Makefield Township: Stand Up for Your Property Rights

July 31, 2012 J

Some of you may have heard of the Delaware and Lehigh Drive Byway Project that has been making news in the Bucks County area. Some of you may even be affected by this project and may not even know it. The most devastating aspect of this project is that it violates citizen’s property rights. One [...]

Prevailing Wage Doesn’t Make it to the House Floor

February 14, 2012 J

Prevailing wage, the archaic law of the land in Pennsylvania, nearly had a chance of reform today as Republicans scrambled to ensure they had the votes necessary to pass two common sense bills. Much to the dismay of businesses and opponents of prevailing wage the Republican House majority was unable to move the union bought Republicans into the fold.

Sadly, many conservatives believed that because Pennsylvania elected a Republican Governor, Republican Senate and Republican House that would indeed see much needed reforms in the Commonwealth. Today was a prime example of why this is not going to happen when some of these "Republicans" are bought and paid for by the unions.

We certainly hope these reform bills will see the light of day sometime soon. In the meantime you may want to contact the Republicans in the Southeast and some of your Democrat representatives.

SIGN THE PETITION to end Union Boss Thuggery in the Neshaminy School District! by Jennifer Stefano

February 02, 2012 J

Sign the pledge supporting the parents, teachers and children of Neshaminy against the Union Bosses!

The Neshaminy School Board in Bucks County has been fighting the Union Bosses for three years to stop them from a greedy money grab that would cut student programs and jeopardize the kids’ education.

Here's just some of the outrageous and greedy demands of the Union Bosses:

*$300,000,000 (that’s 300 million dollars) in increases above the current budget for retroactive pay, salary increases and benefits!

*Retirement after 10 years and "retirement bonuses” of $27,500 for all district teachers.

*Free health insurance for those retirees which has cost the district a whopping $35,000,000 (that’s 35 MILLION dollars)!

These same Union Bosses, back in 2002, negotiated themselves a sweetheart deal that not only bankrupted the school district but

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