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Oh Great, Let’s Bail Out Philadelphia Again!

June 28, 2013 J

Dear Activist, Are you ready to bail out the failing Philadelphia school district again? No? Good. Neither are we! That’s why we need your help today to stop the proposed cigarette tax increase! CLICK HERE to take action now! As you may know, the State Senate is considering legislation, Senate Bill 944, which would raise [...]

One Pennsylvanian’s Personal Experience With Multiple Health Insurance Systems & Their Outcomes

June 12, 2013 J

by Terry Jung of Pennsylvania I have had a long career within both the public and private education systems, private computer consulting, and government employment with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Health and Human Services at the county and state levels.  I have also had periods of self-employment as an author and technical consultant, times of [...]

Pa. Democrats Push For Vote On Medicaid Expansion

June 12, 2013 J

By Tony Romeo HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – Democrats in the Pennsylvania legislature are pulling out all the stops in an effort to force a vote on expansion of Medicaid as part of the new federal health care law – something that Governor Corbett has so far resisted. Democrats are vowing to take any opportunity to [...]

Medicaid expansion’s false promise: As I See It

June 07, 2013 J

Op Ed on PennLive.com By Nicholas Pandelidis and Donna Baver Rovito Gov. Tom Corbett was fiscally and morally correct to reject expanding the financially untenable and second-rate Medicaid program, and he shouldn’t let pressure from Kathleen Sebelius and special interest groups sway his good judgement. Good intentions alone do not result in desired outcomes, and expanding non-viable [...]

Medicaid Expansion: Tell Corbett to keep his promise

June 06, 2013 J

Over the past few months it has been evident that Governor Corbett was not going to expand the failing Medicaid scheme in Pennsylvania.  But concerns are being raised that he may flip this decision due to constant pressure from the proponents of an expansion. Is Governor Corbett (office number: 717-787-2500) going to go back on [...]

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