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re: last week

June 09, 2014 J

Did you make it to the HUGE Americans For Prosperity Paycheck Protection rally with Michelle Malkin last week? We were joined by nearly 400 energized and concerned Pennsylvanians, much like yourself, who were able to stand up to the public sector unions in Harrisburg and tell them that Pennsylvanians don’t want the unions to get […]

Tomorrow’s the day

June 03, 2014 J

This is just one last reminder that our paycheck protection rally with Michelle Malkin is TOMORROW in Harrisburg! If enough of us make it there, the media WILL pay attention. Politicians WILL be compelled to act. And if there’s anyone who can bring the house down, it’s my friend Michelle Malkin. Register here. This could […]

2 days left

June 03, 2014 J

There are only 2 days left before our big rally at the capitol with Michelle Malkin. Can you make it? Michelle says she’s raring to go and can’t wait to get to Harrisburg. This is our chance to turn away from failed Big Government cronyism and toward reformer states like Wisconsin and Michigan! Click here […]

This is unprecedented

May 22, 2014 J

If you haven’t been following the paycheck protection issue in Pennsylvania, I wanted you to know we’ve really done the unprecedented. We’ve taken an issue that few knew about before this year, and we’ve created a groundswell of support. Talk radio hosts and special guests from around the state have joined our meetings to stand […]

Meet me in Harrisburg – it’s important!

May 20, 2014 J

I’ve been talking to your State Director and fellow working mom, Jennifer Stefano, about the unfair special treatment that public employee unions get in Pennsylvania. I agree with her: we need to put together a rally and show Harrisburg that it has to stop!  I’m heading out there on June 4th and I hope you’ll […]