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Gordon Fulks, PhD. Comments At AFP’s “Its About Jobs” Rally

The Merchants of Fears Attack of the Primary Energy Source in America: COAL  July 24, 2012 Gordon J. Fulks, PhD Physics University of Chicago  The title of my remarks today is “The Merchants of Fear attack the primary energy source in America: COAL.” They are addressed to this crowd and to President Obama who is [...]


ODFW Buying Up More Private Land

October 31, 2011 J

Enough is enough! Of Oregon’s 61 Million acres, the Federal government owns 53% and the state of Oregon owns 3%. Leaving only 44% in private ownership and available to generate an economy. Yet, government continues to want more land.

The governmnet should be finding ways to reduce costs to help balance budgets, and not be in the business of land aquisition. Government is encroaching upon Oregon's families, businesses, and citizens, and its time to say NO!

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is proposing to purchase 1,075 acres in Malheur County known as the McDaniel’s Ranch. Read official ODFW public notice [here].
Please attend one of the ODFW public meetings in Ontario, Burns, and Bend. Moreover, tell them NO more acquisitions of private lands in Malheur County or anywhere else in Oregon. Meetings will be held at:
• Ontario: Nov. 1, Ontario Grange (3890 Hwy 201) at 7:00 pm

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