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RECAP: School Choice Thunder Night

March 11, 2012 J

Last Friday, March 9, AFP-OK partnered with the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA) and the Friedman Foundation to sponsor the School Choice Thunder Night. We set up a table outside the arena to pass out informational school choice literature, as well as to give school choice t-shirts and tickets to families of special needs students who participate in the Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship Program.

The special needs students taking advantage of the school choice scholarships were invited to high-five the players as they came out of the tunnel before the game and at halftime. This was an awesome opportunity that they were excited about.

Several families thanked us for the opportunity to attend the game free of charge and also thanked us profusely for our support of school choice. Multiple families shared compelling stories of how school choice has helped their special needs students thrive.

Most high-end state salaries come from education

August 22, 2011 J

Patrick McGuigan of www.capitolbeatok.com just published an interesting story we're sure you'll want to know about. His latest piece focuses on high prices within the state government. And, as you'll read, many of those high salaries come from the area of higher education. AFP-Oklahoma's Stuart Jolly was interviewed for the story and shares his thoughts on the situation.

Check out the report here.

Two education reform bills signed into law

May 04, 2011 J

Americans for Prosperity-Oklahoma believes education reform is a plank in the quest for a better business environment in the state.

And on Wednesday, Gov. Mary Fallin signed two measures into law we believe will help improve our schools.

School Choice in Oklahoma closer to reality

April 26, 2011 J

Senate Bill 969 PASSED TODAY! Oklahoma will have School Choice – and it is now within reach! Well almost. It passed the State House today (Tuesday) and is heading back over to the State Senate to pass a few small adjustments the House made, and then off to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law. Keep up the pressure, because this bill is good for Oklahoma and Oklahomans.

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