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Income tax cut in danger! Help HB 2032 get heard!

April 03, 2013 J

The income tax cut bill, HB 2032, has been stalled in the Senate Finance Committee and is in danger! Why? Because committee chairman Senator Mike Mazzei refused to hear this important bill for Oklahoma taxpayers. CLICK HERE to tell Senator Mazzei to give HB 2032 a fair hearing! This bill cuts our state income tax down [...]

Ask Your State Senator to Support HB 2032

March 20, 2013 J

Oklahoma is on the verge of passing an important tax cut – allowing you to keep more money in your pocket and making our state more competitive. The Oklahoma Senate is currently debating an important bill to cut our state’s income tax rate from 5.25 to 5.0 percent. We are asking you to contact your [...]

Open Letter: Long-term Income tax elimination and triggers‏

May 18, 2012 J

Dear Legislator,

Despite clear benefits of repeal, it appears that many of you are being encouraged to kick the can further down the road and leave Oklahomans subject to an income tax while others in the region eliminate theirs. Last night’s compromise, seemingly a step in the right direction, did not provide a path for complete elimination of the income tax. However, there is hope that this legislature will be bold and consider gradually reducing the state income tax through the establishment of a tax trigger mechanism if necessary. That is, if you ignore special interests groups clamoring for a high income tax against the interest of Oklahoma’s families (reference “Open Letter to State Legislature concerning Income Tax Triggers” dated May 8th, 2012).

Key Bills & Bill Tracking

March 13, 2012 J

Below, find AFP-OK's position on several key pieces of legislation. The status of these bills will be updated each week, so check back often!

SB 1561 – Brinkley (R) – Internet Sales Tax

This bill is an affiliate and subsidiary tax bill, meaning that a company not physically located in Oklahoma but with affiliates in Oklahoma referring business to that company or owning (more than 80%) of a subsidiary corporation in Oklahoma would be required to collect and remit Oklahoma sales taxes – taxes that are already owed by the consumer in the form of use taxes.

AFP-Oklahoma opposes SB 1561 because it is, essentially, a tax increase.

STATUS: Passed Senate Finance Committee with title stricken, General Order - Senate

HB 3038 – Osborn (R) – Eliminate State Income Tax

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