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Bankrupting coal

February 26, 2014 J,

By now you are probably aware of the war on coal that President Obama’s EPA is waging to carry out his 2008 campaign pledge that, “If somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can – it’s just it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum.” While waging this war, [...]

AFP-Ohio and Fox News in Cincinnati Tomorrow!

March 02, 2012 J

Join AFP-Ohio for grassroots traning tomorrow in Cincinnati! Fox News has contacted us and may be stopping by as well!

Here are the details:

10:00am--Regina Bakery
3805 Shady Lane
Northbend, OH 45052

3:00pm--Price Hill Chili
4920 Glenway Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45238

Please call 614-600-6500 with any questions!

Katie Eagan, AFP-Ohio State Director

January 03, 2012 J

Katie is a lifelong Ohioan, born and raised in Cincinnati.  She has called Columbus home for the past eleven years.  Katie received her undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University and her MPA from OSU’s John Glenn School of Public Affairs.                

Cleveland Plain Dealer says vote YES on Issue 2

October 17, 2011 J

The editorial board of the Cleveland Plain Dealer has endorsed a YES vote on Issue 2. According to the Plain Dealer,

Issue 2 will give local governments and school districts more tools to control labor costs and protect taxpayers. It requires public employees to make the same kind of contributions toward their health and pension benefits that most private-sector workers do. It ends state-mandated wage step-ups, requires performance-based pay and permits layoffs based on more than seniority. Those factors are especially important to school districts such as Cleveland that need to transform themselves in the face of outmoded state rules that force them to toss aside newer -- and perhaps better -- teachers when money is tight. ... When they mark their ballots, Ohioans cannot worry about what is best for any political party or interest group -- on either side of this debate. They need to consider what's best for the future of their children, their communities, their state.

We need your help making calls on Issues 2 and 3 in the Greater Cincinnati Area-West

September 14, 2011 J

We need your help to move Ohio toward a strong and healthy economy. Please join us at our Greater Cincinnati Area-West phone bank at 3012 Glenmore Avenue and help us tell others why Issue 2 (upholding Senate Bill 5) and Issue 3 (the Health Care Freedom Amendment) are critical in moving Ohio forward and creating a brighter future for all of us. The phone bank opens tomorrow and will remain open through the election.

Here are details about the Greater Cincinnati Area-West Phone bank:

Where: 3012 Glenmore Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45238
When: We will open the phone bank whenever volunteers want to make calls. Here is our schedule over the next couple of weeks.

Thursday, Sept. 15: 9am-1pm and 4pm-9pm

Friday, Sept. 16: 9am-1pm and 4pm-9pm

SUPER SATURDAY, Sept. 17 9am -9pm

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