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How bad is it getting in Ohio?

January 02, 2014 J,

Every day ObamaCare disappointments and delays seem to be dominating the headlines.  But we know there are more stories out there that the media hasn’t covered yet and we want to hear from YOU! Have you lost your health insurance due to ObamaCare? Has your premium skyrocketed as a result of the new regulations? Please […]

No Empty Promises

December 10, 2013

The new budget agreement in Congress is another trillion-dollar backdoor deal that will increase government spending. If passed, this new increase will break Congress’ prior promise to cap spending at $967 billion, which was in the bipartisan supported Budget Control Act, or BCA. Government spending is out of control. The risky fiscal policies of our […]

naughty or nice?

December 09, 2013 J,

We’re making our list and checking it twice… and we want to hear from you on the rest! AFP-Ohio is compiling a list of elected officials who have been naughty or nice with regard to their support of economic freedom in 2013. But we need your help!  Please email infoOH@afphq.org with your suggestions for the […]

new face for freedom

December 06, 2013

I am pleased to announce a new addition to our AFP Ohio team. Molly Mottram recently joined AFP as our Southwest Ohio Field Coordinator. She will be covering Montgomery, Greene, Miami, Preble, Clark, Darke, Shelby, Champaign, and the northern parts of Butler and Warren counties. Even though she was born outside of Chicago IL, Molly […]