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you won – income tax hike rejected!

November 07, 2013 J,

Thank you to everyone for your hard work in defeating the proposed 67% tax hike in Gahanna. With your help, we were able to knock on more than 4000 doors, make more than 8800 phone calls, attend a town hall meeting to show our opposition, activate our Twitter Brigade and place an op-ed on the [...]

hands off our paychecks!

October 22, 2013 J,

The Gahanna City Council is trying to pass a 67% tax increase on residents.  The tax hike proposal will appear on the November 5 ballot. If you oppose this 67% tax hike proposal please tweet about it or visit our Facebook page to share our images or your thoughts! TWEET ABOUT IT If you are [...]

What a Waste

October 17, 2013 J,

As you know, we have been fighting for years to curb the out-of-control and wasteful Washington spending practices that have driven us even further into debt.  For some reason too many Washington politicians are still wasting your hard-earned tax dollars on unnecessary government programs. Here is a LIST of just SOME of the wasteful spending [...]

have your wages increased 67%?

October 16, 2013 J,

Have you seen a recent 67% increase in pay?  I bet you haven’t. As we all know, too many Ohio families are still struggling in this economy. They are making tough decisions about spending priorities and learning to make do with less. Unfortunately, the Gahanna City Council has chosen this year to attempt to pass [...]

why is Rep. Barbara Sears supporting Medicaid Expansion?

October 02, 2013 J,

Representative Barbara Sears is one of the state’s most vocal proponents of Medicaid expansion which is made possible under ObamaCare.  The Congressional Budget Office estimates the federal government will spend $700 billion for states agreeing to expand their Medicaid programs under ObamaCare. Expanding Medicaid, as made voluntary under ObamaCare, is NOT in the best interest of [...]

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