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Read this if you live in Franklin County

May 05, 2014 J

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown supports a permanent property tax increase for Franklin County residents. So does Columbus Zoo CEO Tom Stalf. What do they have in common besides their support of higher taxes?!  They don’t live in Franklin County and therefore will not have to pay more! But you do… and now it’s time for [...]

They tried to silence you

May 02, 2014 J

The supporters of a property tax increase that will force taxpayers to fund a third area zoo have tried to silence you. They even filed a complaint trying to stop our efforts to educate all Franklin County residents on Issue 6.  Issue 6 will appear on the ballot this Tuesday, May 6 and includes a [...]

Monkeying around with property taxes

April 26, 2014 J

Columbus has the highest property taxes of any city in the USA! Unfortunately that is not stopping efforts to raise them again. This May, Franklin County residents will face yet another proposed tax hike.  This one, known as Issue 6, represents a 105% property tax increase that will force taxpayers to fund a third area [...]

See you tomorrow @ 3:30

April 08, 2014 J,

Will we see you tomorrow at 3:30PM? We are excited to have Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips visiting our Cleveland office tomorrow and hope you will join us to learn more about our plans for Ohio and provide your feedback.  You can RSVP by emailing Jesse Smith or calling 614-424-9631. Plan to join us [...]

Are your taxes too high?

April 08, 2014 J

This Thursday, we are hosting a Tax Day Trivia Night at Arnold’s Bar and Grill to discuss out of control spending and the higher taxes we all have to pay as a result. If you are tired of paying too much in taxes, please plan to join us. You can RSVP by emailing Lauren O’Brien [...]