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Want An Exemption From ObamaCare?

September 26, 2013 J

President Obama’s signature piece of legislation, the Affordable Care act, has proven to be anything but. As costs rise and problems associated with the law come to the forefront, more and more of the well-connected and elites have taken measures to excuse themselves from the burdens. Obama claimed, “If you like your plan, you can […]

A new face for freedom

September 23, 2013

I am pleased to announce a new addition to our AFP Ohio team. Doug Matheney recently joined AFP as a Field Coordinator. Doug will be covering our state’s 6th Congressional district which includes all of Belmont County, Columbiana County, Carroll County, Gallia County, Guernsey County, Harrison County, Jackson County, Jefferson County, Lawrence County, Meigs County, […]

140 characters or less?

September 05, 2013 J,

Thank you to everyone who attended one of our taxpayer town halls in August. We had maximum capacities at each event across the state and even had to bring in extra chairs several times! We appreciate you taking time to come out and ask questions and raise issues about how taxes and state spending impact your families. […]

Decisions are made by those who show up!

August 22, 2013 J,

Decisions are made by those who show up! Will you show up to learn more about state spending and where your tax dollars go? Do you have questions or ideas about how we can cut state spending and put more money back into the pockets of hard-working families in this state?! Next Tuesday August 27th […]