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Man on the Street Video: What has Kay Hagan Done for You?

October 27, 2014

Americans for Prosperity Finds Asheville Residents Struggle to Name Policy Accomplishments Asheville, N.C. – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) released a three minute web video of “man on the street” interviews with Asheville residents about Kay Hagan’s accomplishments for them and the state generally. In response after response, even supporters of Senator Hagan struggled to name specific […]

AFP Thanks General Assembly, McCrory in New Radio Ads

October 27, 2014 J

Praise for State Government for Going in the Opposite Direction from Washington on Key Issues RALEIGH – Upbeat new radio ads from Americans for Prosperity praise the North Carolina General Assembly and Governor McCrory for keeping spending under control and expanding energy freedom, while Washington, DC goes in the opposite direction. Two ads began airing today […]

NC Premiums Keep Rising So Long as Hagan Keeps Her Job

October 22, 2014

New Report from AP Shows Premium Increases for 2015 Raleigh – Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina, is urging North Carolinians to vote against Senator Hagan on account of her support for the healthcare law, which is resulting in even higher premiums in the state according to the Associated Press. The AP report states that, “North Carolina’s […]

New AFP Ad: Time to Fire Kay “Not a Moderate” Hagan

October 15, 2014 J

Online Ad Hits Kay Hagan for Voting 96% with President Obama RALEIGH – Americans for Prosperity has released a hard-hitting ad calling on North Carolinians to fire Kay Hagan for blindly voting with President Obama against their interests. AFP’s new ad focuses on Senator Hagan’s 96% voting record with President Obama and support for policies […]

Shot and Chaser: Hagan Firm Keeps Stimulus Project Taxpayer Dollars

October 14, 2014 J,

While Senator Claims Opponent is Wasting Taxpayer Dollars Shot: Kay Hagan at the most recent US Senate debate: “Speaker Tillis is wasting your taxpayer dollars.” (“North Carolina Senate Candidates Debate In Wilmington,” ABC-11, 10/09/14) Chaser: Today At Carolina Journal: “Hagan Firm Keeps Stimulus Project Savings, Sends None to Taxpayers.” “JDC Manufacturing, a company co-owned by […]