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Lame Ducks Levy $119 million Tax Increase with Voice Vote

November 18, 2014 J,

Americans for Prosperity Says Middle Class Families Fund Federal Land Grab Raleigh – Four months after the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission announced significant tax hikes for North Carolina hunters, Congress passed its own $119 million tax increase on duck stamps to purchase federal land. Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina State Director Donald Bryson […]

AFP Launches Wind PTC Ads on Rep. Renee Ellmers

November 13, 2014 J

Ads to put grassroots pressure on members to oppose more tax dollars for wind subsidies. RALEIGH — Americans for Prosperity, North Carolina’s leading grassroots advocate for economic freedom, is launching a new media effort designed to persuade Rep. Renee Ellmers (NC-2) to oppose spending any more money on the Wind Production Tax Credit (Wind PTC).  The ads launched today […]

Americans for Prosperity: NC Has Rejected Obama’s Agenda

November 05, 2014

AFP Volunteers Talked to Over 800,000 North Carolinians about Hagan and Obama’s Policies RALEIGH – Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the leading grassroots organization for economic freedom, released the following statement on the results of the recent election. “The voters have answered loud and clear: They are done with Senator Kay Hagan and President Obama’s failing […]

Radio Ad Reminds Voters that a Vote for Hagan is a Vote for Obama

November 04, 2014

Americans for Prosperity Points Out Why Obama Wants Hagan to Keep her Job RALEIGH – President Obama’s last minute radio ad in the North Carolina Senate race reminds voters that a vote for Senator Hagan is a vote for President Obama, according to a statement by the grassroots advocate for limited government, Americans for Prosperity. In the ad […]

Donald Bryson Available to Discuss Election Results and Candidates

November 03, 2014

State Director of Americans for Prosperity North Carolina is Available for Interviews Throughout the Day RALEIGH – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) North Carolina State Director Donald Bryson is available for interviews tomorrow to discuss the election results as they come in, why Senator Hagan’s policies are bad for North Carolina, and the ways AFP is changing the state’s political landscape through effective […]