Governor Perdue’s Decision to Retire Reflects Bad Policies

January 26, 2012J

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Gov. Perdue’s Decision to Retire Reflects Bad Policies

According to the Washington Post, Governor Bev Perdue will announce today that she will not seek re-election this fall. The announcement expected to come later today comes just one week after her ill-timed proposal to raise $800 million in taxes.

Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina State Director Dallas Woodhouse released the following statement:

“Governor Perdue has relentlessly pursued an agenda of higher taxes and bigger government. Her opposition to free-market reforms such as allowing temporary sales and income tax hikes to expire, medical malpractice reform, regulatory reform, and the energy jobs act, has simply made her unelectable.”

“Bad policy makes bad politics. Her decision today is a reflection of her failed policy positions.”

Don’t Miss your Opportunity to Ask Dick Morris Your Questions about School Choice!

January 20, 2012J

Join Americans for Prosperity Foundation, our sister organization, for a special town hall on Restoring American Exceptionalism. Don’t miss your chance to ask political commentator Dick Morris your questions.

For too long we’ve allowed our children, our hope for tomorrow, to be shuffled through a broken system. But if we want the best for our children and grandchildren – if we want them to achieve the things they dream – if we want to ensure that they will enjoy the same high quality of life that we have, we must act now.

Join me January 26th for a free town hall at 6:15 p.m. at the NASCAR Hall of Fame, 400 East Martin Luther King Blvd in Charlotte. Reserve your free tickets HERE!

We cannot allow this crisis to continue another day, unchallenged. Our children are depending on us. The system has failed them…Will we?

I hope to see you there.


Dallas Woodhouse

Americans for Prosperity to President Obama: American Workers are Not Your Political Pawns

January 18, 2012J

Americans for Prosperity to President Obama: American Workers are Not Your Political Pawns
New Ad Highlights the Costs of Cronyism

Raleigh, NC – The White House gambled with $500,000 taxpayer dollars and 1,100 workers lost their jobs. That’s the message from Americans for Prosperity’s new ad, airing in six states including North Carolina, about the White House’s payoff to political allies at the now-bankrupt Solyndra company.

“The White House is reaping what it has sown,” explains Dallas Woodhouse, Director of Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina. “Political cronyism and bad economic policy have put over 1,000 Americans out of work and wasted half a billion in taxpayer dollars.”

Click here to view the ad.