AFP Supports H.B. 334 ‘Transfer Office of Charter Schools’

 Targets conference committee members for support  RALEIGH – Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina’s leading grassroots advocate for school choice – expressed support Wednesday for a state senate proposal to reform  charter school oversight. House Bill 334 ‘Transfer Office of Charter Schools’ would move the Charter School Advisory Board and the Office of Charter Schools under the […]

NC Supreme Court Approves Opportunity Scholarships

Opinions from the Court available here and here RALEIGH – Americans for Prosperity, one of North Carolina’s leading advocates for educational freedom, issued a statement today celebrating the state’s Supreme Court overturning constitutional challenges to the state’s means-tested Opportunity Scholarship program. “The decision by the highest court in our state is first, and foremost, a win for […]

N.C. House: Approve Distillery Single-Sales, Pass H.B. 909

RALEIGH – Communications Director Joseph Kyzer at Americans for Prosperity North Carolina issued the a statement Wednesday urging N.C. House members to approve a key job-creation reform in H.B. 909 ‘ABC Omnibus Legislation’ that passed state senate Monday evening. Americans for Prosperity supports provisions from companion proposals S.B. 24 and H.B. 107, ‘Liquor Sales Permitted-Distilleries’, allowing distilleries to sell one […]

Increase the Opportunity Scholarship Cap!

In North Carolina, Opportunity Scholarships are capped to allow only 2,400 students to receive the scholarships. Over 5,500 students applied last year, resulting in a lottery to determine who will have the good fortune to attend a better school. Rather than allocate a good education by the luck of the lottery draw, the General Assembly should […]

Americans for Prosperity offers to host debate, cover expenses for Berger-Tillis-Perdue Tax Debate

January 24, 2012J

Raleigh, NC – In response to Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger’s challenge to Gov. Bev Perdue to a public debate over her plan to raise taxes by more than $750 million, Americans for Prosperity today offered to host the debate and pay for the event with private funds.

“This is an important issue that is very important to taxpayers and we agree that the issue needs full debate. Americans for Prosperity is willing to host the debate at a location that both sides agree to utilize. We will offer to shoulder the costs of the event as a public service to the citizens of North Carolina.”

Dallas Woodhouse
Americans for Prosperity-North Carolina State Director

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Raleigh NC 27601

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