AFP Urges NC Senate to Pass Bill Delaying President Obama’s EPA Policy

Committee substitute protects North Carolinians from overregulation RALEIGH – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) North Carolina, the state’s leading advocate for a free-market energy policy, urged the state senate to vote for a committee substitute which passed the NC Senate Committee on Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources committee yesterday.  THe legislation will delay implementation of the […]

Bryson Urges NC House to Oppose Amended Budget

2015 Appropriations Act is ‘runaway spending’ RALEIGH – State Director Donald Bryson of Americans for Prosperity North Carolina sent the following letter Monday evening to North Carolina House members urging opposition to the current budget, H.B. 97 2015 Appropriations Act: Dear Members of the North Carolina House:  Earlier today, the House Finance Committee passed a Committee […]

Open letter to the North Carolina Senate: Pass HB 760, ‘Freeze the Fees’

AFP-NC holds 2015 Day of Action Saturday, May 16 to #RepealRPS RALEIGH – State Director Donald Bryson of Americans for Prosperity North Carolina issued an open letter to the North Carolina Senate this week advocating passage of House Bill 760 Regulatory Reform Act of 2015 provisions to freeze residential electricity fees scheduled to triple this July under […]