Tell Gov. McCrory to Oppose Obamacare Expansion

Refusing Medicaid expansion is the most important decision Gov. Pat McCrory can make to secure a bright financial future for North Carolina.  A major provision of Obamacare, Medicaid expansion would cost North Carolina families another $3.1 billion over the next decade. Tell Gov. McCrory to stay the course and reject Medicaid expansion! Medicaid in North […]

Tell the NC House to Oppose Corporate Welfare!

August 18, 2014J,

Members of the State House need to reject new corporate welfare programs, and special interest tax carve outs, by voting against House Bill 1224. House Bill 1224 contains several provisions that significantly decrease economic freedom for North Carolina taxpayers. These provisions include: A new “Jobs Catalyst” fund that will allow the Department of Commerce to […]

Increase the Opportunity Scholarship Cap!

In North Carolina, Opportunity Scholarships are capped to allow only 2,400 students to receive the scholarships. Over 5,500 students applied last year, resulting in a lottery to determine who will have the good fortune to attend a better school. Rather than allocate a good education by the luck of the lottery draw, the General Assembly should […]


June 05, 2014J

Last year, the General Assembly and Governor McCrory passed the Tax Simplification and Reduction Act which simplified the tax code and eliminated many of the state’s tax loopholes. Now special interest groups are pressuring legislators to renew the expiring tax incentives for film production. North Carolina’s film tax incentive gives a tax credit per production […]

Activist of the Month – Dee Park

February 09, 2011J

Dee Park[img_assist|nid=22550|title=Dee Park|desc=Dee Park|link=none|align=left|width=197|height=300] is the leader and co-founder of Moore TEA Citizens, a citizen activist group in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Under Dee’s leadership, the group has grown in size from three members in early 2009 to over 1,700 today, making them one of the largest citizen activist groups in North Carolina.