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Join us at Legislature on Wednesday to help override Governor’s vetoes

July 12, 2011 J

We urge you to join us tomorrow, Wednesday, July 13 at 11 am on the Halifax Mall behind the General Assembly to urge state senators to override Governor Perdue’s job-killing vetoes. We must make our voice heard!

This event is just one part of Americans for Prosperity’s efforts this week to override the governor’s job-killing vetoes of the bi-partisan Energy Jobs Act, Medical Malpractice Reform, and the Regulatory Act.

Mayor Pat McCrory has teamed up with AFP to override these vetoes by urging voters around the state to call their legislators. Listen to Pat McCrory’s message here.

These three pieces of legislation were designed to create jobs in North Carolina and yet the governor went around the will of the people AND the legislature and vetoed them just to please her friends on the left.

Urgent: Help Override Perdue’s Vetoes

July 11, 2011 J

Americans for Prosperity and Mayor Pat McCrory Team Up To Support Override of Governor Perdue’s Vetoes of The Energy Jobs Act, Medical Malpractice Reform and Regulatory Reform Act

Americans for Prosperity also urges activists to attend an event Wednesday at 11 A.M. at General Assembly

(Raleigh) Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory will be urging voters to contact their members of the General Assembly this week as part of Americans for Prosperity’s effort to override Governor Perdue’s job killing vetoes of the Energy Jobs Act, Medical Malpractice Reform and the Regulatory Reform Act.

“Governor Perdue cast a series of highly political vetoes of bi-partisan legislation designed to create jobs in North Carolina. With hundreds of thousands of North Carolina citizens out of work, Perdue vetoed job creating bills like the energy jobs act, the regulatory reform act, and medical malpractice reform,” said Pat McCrory.

Veto Bev Purdue – Make Your Voice Heard!

July 01, 2011 J

Beverly Perdue has shown a complete lack of willingness to work beyond party lines since she took office. In 2010 the people of North Carolina voted in a conservative majority in the House and Senate for the first time in over 130 years. Voters indicated they wanted real change and a new direction for our state’s future. Beverly Perdue has since vetoed an unprecedented eleven bills - bills that are overwhelmingly supported by citizens from all party affiliations, including laws preventing worthless lawsuits against doctors, and even job-creating tax cuts. Americans for Prosperity - North Carolina will continue to fight against these bad policies and fight for free market legislation.

Help us fight the Governor’s bad policies! We ask you graciously today to donate $20, $50, $100 or more to Americans for Prosperity - North Carolina to help promote lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, and job creation. Thank you in advance.