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Why We support the Consumer Finance Act

May 16, 2011

Why We support the Consumer Finance Act
- May 2011 -

The “Consumer Finance Act” (H810) seeks to update a 28-year-old law governing consumer loans in North Carolina by providing more flexibility for borrowers and lenders. Consumer finance lenders serve an important gap in the financial sector by providing lending options to North Carolina’s underserved middle class. The average consumer finance loan borrower in North Carolina has an annual income of $55,000-$75,000.

Big News from Raleigh-Help spread the word!

May 04, 2011 J

Dear Members,

I would like to thank everyone for your commitment to staying informed and involved with AFP North Carolina. Our membership and activists have grown tremendously over the past year. Everyone's support and dedication to AFP has made possible the incredible strides we have seen in North Carolina.

Act today and protect your tax dollars from self-interested politicians

April 26, 2011 J

The General Assembly is currently debating House Bill 129, which will stop your tax dollars from being used to build municipal cable, phone, and Internet broadband systems.

Some politicians in North Carolina have decided to jump into the broadband internet business. This move uses your tax dollars to finance politicians’ big plans. Why gamble with your local tax dollars in a risky new business?

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