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Civitas Poll: Voters Say Raise Taxes in 2011, Pay the Price in 2012

May 24, 2011 J

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Civitas Poll: Voters Say Raise Taxes in 2011, Pay the Price in 2012

Raleigh, N.C. - Voters say they would be less likely to vote for a legislator in 2012 who voted for a tax increase. As the General Assembly finalizes the 2011-2012 budget proposal, a new poll released today by the Civitas Institute shows strong opposition to new taxes. The poll also found 75 percent of voters oppose a plan by Gov. Bev Perdue to raise taxes by $800 million dollars.

Your Help is Needed at the General Assembly Wednesday, May 25th at 10 AM

May 24, 2011 J

There will be a very important hearing on HB 188 (Taxpayer Bill of Rights) at the General Assembly tomorrow (Wednesday, May 25th) and we need as many activists in that committee room to support it, as possible.

AFP has promoted a Taxpayer Bill of Rights for years and this will be the first time we will actually see real consideration of this idea at the General Assembly.

Take Action to Help Create Jobs in North Carolina

May 18, 2011 J

The North Carolina General Assembly will be debating an important bill (HB 542) that will help create jobs in North Carolina, by reforming our legal system.
A state’s legal climate can be a major inducement or a major deterrent to business investment, growth, and job creation. It is one factor among several key ones that businesses consider when making decisions about where to expand existing operations or to locate new facilities. House Bill 542 makes important, balanced changes to NC’s civil liability system to provide fairness, predictability, and encourage job creation.

Protection from city-run broadband

May 17, 2011 J

RALEIGH -- Everywhere taxpayers turn they find a sea of red ink: in Washington, D.C., in Raleigh and in local governments throughout the state.

House Bill 129, sponsored by Rep. Marilyn Avila, R-Wake County, has passed both the state House and Senate by large bi-partisan majorities. The new law puts certain requirements on local governments endeavoring to invest taxpayer funds in publicly owned communications networks. These networks often duplicate services that are already provided by private sector communications companies, without abiding by the same regulations and taxes.

Why We support the Consumer Finance Act

May 16, 2011

Why We support the Consumer Finance Act
- May 2011 -

The “Consumer Finance Act” (H810) seeks to update a 28-year-old law governing consumer loans in North Carolina by providing more flexibility for borrowers and lenders. Consumer finance lenders serve an important gap in the financial sector by providing lending options to North Carolina’s underserved middle class. The average consumer finance loan borrower in North Carolina has an annual income of $55,000-$75,000.