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Action Alert! $6B Open Space Bill Up July 29 In Senate

July 26, 2013 J

Take Action>>> STOP Trenton’s Wasteful $6 BILLION Open Space Bill! While many New Jerseyans are trying to enjoy their summer, the New Jersey state senate is hard at work…trying to pass more wasteful legislation while few are paying attention! On Monday morning at 9AM, the senate will vote on Bill SCR-160 which seeks to amend […]

Biodiesel Mandate Moving Through Legislature

July 19, 2013 J

The Legislature continues to assault the free-market for energy in New Jersey. The latest effort is the “Bio-based Heating Oil Act” (S2268), which mandates home heating oil sold in the state contain a percentage of biodiesel, starting at 3% in FY2014, then going to 4% for FY2015, and 5% thereafter. Not only is biodiesel more […]

NJ Senate: ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion Roll Call

June 21, 2013 J

The ObamaCare Medicaid expansion passed the state senate yesterday 26-12 (two senators not voting.). The General Assembly will take the bill up on Monday, June 24. CLICK HERE now to sign AFP’s action alert letter to urge your Assembly members to vote no! Here is the breakdown of the senate vote. AYE Senator Jim Whelan […]

ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion Moves To NJ Senate

June 14, 2013 J,

The Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee moved the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion (S2644) yesterday setting the stage for a full vote in the senate likely before the summer recess. Voting in favor were: Paul Sarlo (D-36) - Chair    Brian Stack (D-33) – Vice-Chair    Jennifer Beck (R-11)    Sandra B. Cunningham (D-31)    Linda R. […]