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Take Action To Stop Trenton’s Foreclosure Scheme!

June 19, 2012 J,

On Thursday, June 21, the General Assembly will vote on the “New Jersey Residential Foreclosure Transformation Act”. This destructive bill will authorize the State to borrow billions of dollars without voter approval in order to purchase foreclosed homes across the state. In addition to being a bailout of institutional lenders akin to TARP, the bill will [...]

Take Action Now on RGGI, Obamacare!

March 14, 2012 J

Liberals in Trenton are on the march...trying to advance the radical Obama agenda!

On Thursday, they will be pushing to pass bills to push New Jersey back into the job-destroying RGGI Cap & Trade scheme and to advance President Obama's government health care takeover.

CLICK HERE now to send a message to your legislator to vote NO on the effort to put New Jersey back into RGGI!

TAKE ACTION now to stop the bill to set up Obamacare's so-called health care exchanges!

CLICK HERE to find your legislators and send them a message to STOP violating our individual liberty and infringing on our rights to make our own health care choices!

AFP’s Take on Health Care Exchanges:

PR: Analysis Group’s Pro-RGGI Cap-and-Trade Study Full of Hot Air

March 13, 2012

Americans for Prosperity: Pro-RGGI Cap-and-Trade Study Full of Hot Air

As Institute for Energy Research Debunks Fatally Flawed Analysis Group “Study”, AFP Calls on State Legislature to Defeat RGGI Bill

LINK: Study of the Impacts of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Deeply Flawed

BOGOTA, NJ – With a vote looming in the New Jersey Legislature on Thursday aimed at forcing New Jersey back into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, aka RGGI, Cap-and-Trade scheme, a report claiming that RGGI has been a boon to participating states has been thoroughly debunked by energy experts.

Bogus Pro-RGGI Report Exposed as Flawed

March 08, 2012 J

The following is from AFP's latest newsletter...

RGGI radicals switch gears: It’s no longer carbon dioxide, it’s jobs!

Click here to listen to our latest radio spot urging Kip Bateman to keep New Jersey out of RGGI!

Ever since Gov. Christie decided to withdraw our state from the job-destroying RGGI Cap & Trade scheme, the liberal left and environmentalists have been on the counter-attack.

Just like President Obama, liberals in Trenton are beholden to a radical environmentalist movement. They want to keep the RGGI electricity tax around so that they have a slush fund to pay for their “green energy” rip-offs and to line the pockets of the politically well-connected.

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