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Taxpayer Minute Spots Highlight Corporate Welfare, Toll Hikes

October 10, 2011 J

Most Americans are tired of their taxpayer dollars going to fund Wall Street bailouts and crony capitalism. But here in New Jersey, the corporate welfare culture continues unabated...from the $260M bailout of the Revel Casino in Atlantic City to the $200M bailout of the Xanadu Mall project in the Meadowlands.

NJ Corporate Welfare

Read more about the $260 MILLION Revel Casino bailout...

AFP: NJ Bailout of Morgan Stanley Revel Casino in Atlantic City--Getting Rich Making Dumb Decisions

CBS New York: Stalled Revel Casino To Resume Work, Open In 2012

Read more about the $200 MILLION bailout of the Xanadu Mall project...

New Jersey’s Long Road Ahead

September 29, 2011 J

Our sister organization, Americans for Prosperity Foundation, held a press conference in Trenton on Monday to release two eye-opening publications on New Jersey's fiscal condition including:

* The Keeping New Jersey Competitive booklet, Fourth Edition and;
* A special report on the state's public sector unions, New Jersey’s Long Road Ahead: Taxpayers vs. Politicians and Unions, a collaborative effort of AFP Foundation and the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Both of these publications will be housed at our Liberty Library, along with dozens of other critical reports on issues and policies affecting New Jersey's economy.

To watch Monday's press conference in its entirety, please click here for Part Iand here for Part II.

Hands Off My Health Care Forum Educates New Jersey Citizens on Looming Dangers of Obamacare

September 16, 2011 J

For Immediate Release – September 15, 2011

Hands Off My Health Care Forum Educates New Jersey Citizens on Looming Dangers of Obamacare

Former NY Lt. Governor Betsy McCaughey, Leading Obamacare Experts Detail Destructive Elements of Federal Health Care Takeover, Reiterate Call to Repeal Catastrophic Law


DATELINE: PARAMUS, NJ – Several hundred New Jersey citizens turned out tonight at Bergen Community College in Paramus to hear from a number of leading authorities and experts on the federal health care takeover.

PR: Americans for Prosperity State Director Steve Lonegan Reacts to Shocking Pension Scandal

September 15, 2011 J

For Immediate Release – September 15, 2011

Americans for Prosperity State Director Steve Lonegan Reacts to Shocking Pension Scandal

NJ Watchdog Report Reveals that Forty County Cops are Double-Dipping Pension System for a Staggering $2.88M Per Year

BOGOTA, NJ – Americans for Prosperity state director Steve Lonegan has issued the following statement in response to a NJ Watchdog investigative exposé which uncovered that forty New Jersey county sheriffs and undersheriffs across the state are scamming the state’s pension system to the tune of $2.88M a year.

“These revelations are truly stunning and shocking and should outrage every New Jersey taxpayer. Yet again, New Jersey taxpayers discover that they are being ripped off as law enforcement officials literally rob them blind in order to line their own pockets.

Stop The Far Left’s Attempts To Keep New Jersey In RGGI!

September 06, 2011 J

CLICK HERE to listen to AFP’s latest Taxpayer Minute radio ad on the far left’s attempts to keep New Jersey in RGGI!

Governor Christie made the right call when he decided to pull New Jersey out of the RGGI Cap & Trade scheme.

But now far left liberals in Trenton are on the counter-attack!

Led by Assemblyman John McKeon (D-27), Democrats in the state Legislature are going to attempt to override Governor Christie’s veto of legislation that would force New Jersey back into the failing RGGI Cap & Trade program and drive up the cost of electricity in our state.

“We plan to move for a legislative override of Gov. Christie’s veto and call on the citizens of our state to urge your representatives to vote to keep New Jersey in the regional greenhouse gas pact,” said McKeon.

You and I cannot afford skyrocketing electricity bills!

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