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Why the Inheritance Tax has to Go.

July 17, 2014 J,

In Nebraska you pay taxes on what you earn, what you buy, what you own, and at the end of it all – what you choose to give to your family. Dick Clark of the Platte Institute wrote about the problems with the inheritance tax in the latest rendition of Platte Chat, Nebraska’s Destructive Inheritance Tax. Here’s [...]

Nebraska’s Gas Tax is Out of Control

July 10, 2014 J,

New information released today from the American Petroleum Institute shows how much gasoline is taxed in each state. Unfortunately for Nebraska, our state gas tax burden is much too high. Nebraskans are currently taxed 27.3 cents per gallon. When you add in federal excise taxes, each Nebraskan driver is paying 45.7 cents per gallon. This [...]

More Tax Cuts Next Year?

April 21, 2014 J

Nebraskans didn’t see major tax reform this passed session, but they did see some and may see more next year. The Revenue Committee of the Nebraska Legislature will be looking into a variety of tax related issues. Here at AFPNE, we are excited that the committee will be looking into the state income tax. Revenue [...]

$222 in Tax Relief

April 03, 2014 J

This past week Gov. Dave Heineman signed into law $412 million in tax relief over the next five years.  AFP-Nebraska applauds the many activists across the state who stood with us to work with the Governor and the Legislature to ensure meaningful tax relief was a part of the 2014 legislative session. Because of your [...]

Gov. Vetoes $65M in Proposed Budget; Wants Tax Relief

March 31, 2014 J,

This weekend Gov. Heineman vetoed $65 million in line-items from the proposed budget and said more should be going towards property tax relief. You can read more at the Omaha World Herald about what was cut and reactions from some of the senators. Thank you to everyone who reached out to reached out to the [...]